Orbx Teasing Auckland Landmarks for MSFS

06 Oct 2021 14:23z

Instead of the usual fanfare announcement post, Orbx has taken to Facebook to tease their next Landmarks project. The post gave three hints as to where the location is, which helped to give away the fact that Auckland Landmarks is the next project from the development team.

Over on Facebook, the three clues were as follow:

  • It’s possible to walk from the Pacific Ocean to the Tasman Sea in four hours!
  • This city is located in a country where 30% of its landmass is a national reserve.
  • Nicknamed “_ _ _ _ of _ _ _ _ _” due to its twin harbors and rich maritime heritage.

In addition to the three clues, three screenshots were also shared. These previews showcased the PwC Tower at Commercial Bay, along with some sailing boats in the background.

We’ll keep our eyes out on the official forums for any more previews or announcement to come from Orbx about Auckland Landmarks for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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