Orbx Releases Zadar Airport for MSFS

10 Sep 2021 12:37z

Following on from an announcement earlier this week, Orbx has released Zadar Airport (LDZD) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Zadar Airport is an international airport serving a varied number of airlines, albeit with seasonal destinations only. Zadar Airport is the fourth largest airport in Croatia in terms of passengers. It also serves as a hub for Ryanair.

According to the product page, Zadar Airport comes with a number of features such as PBR materials throughout, custom POIs across the city and also weather-influenced changes. As mentioned, the city of Zadar has been modelled with the addition of several points of interest and landmark buildings. These include the historic Land Gate, the Church of St. Donatus and the Kresimir Cosic Sports Hall, amongst others.

You can buy Zadar Airport from OrbxDirect now for $22.72 AUD (approximately US$16.82 | €14,21 | £12.12).


  • Full PBR
  • Unique static aircraft
  • From developer Rasha Tucakov
  • Custom POIs across the city of Zadar
  • Detailed depiction of Croatia’s 4th busiest airport
  • Custom weather-influenced ground polygon with unique textures and markings

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