Orbx Releases Volanta Premium and Volanta v1.1.0

Orbx has released Volanta Premium. As previously announced, Volanta Premium is a subscription for Volanta and will add several features and perks to the popular flight radar and logging app. Volanta Premium will feature things such a flight parties, where you and up to 10 other friends can quickly create and join group flights. The service will also feature cloud save & load, and aircraft persistence: a feature that will save the plane state, fuel and position and allow you to continue where you left off. Furthermore, Premium users will get some Discord benefits, such as an exclusive role and access to some Premium-only channels.

Below, you can find a feature list of all of Volanta’s premium features. Volanta Premium costs $6.35 AUD per month, or $63.50 AUD per year (plus tax).

Orbx Releases Volanta Premium and Volanta v1.1.0

But that’s not all that’s new with Volanta. Volanta v1.1 brings with it a list of new updates. The app now features 3D Flight Paths, which allow you to view your flight in a completely new visualised manner. You can look at the 3D flight path as you are flying, or review it after your flight. Volanta now also features Aeronautical Sectional Charts, a feature that will likely sound very nice to VFR pilots. Another new feature is an in-app Simbrief overlay. You can now simply open your OFP in Volanta, and the app will give you some helpful ways to see all the relevant parts for you.

Orbx Releases Volanta Premium and Volanta v1.1.0

In order to celebrate the release, Orbx has several campaigns going on. Volanta Premium early adopters will get a 25% discount on a large range of Orbx products, provided these products are older than 90 days. This discount will continue until the end of the year.

Furthermore, anyone flying on Volanta this weekend between August 27th and August 30th are automatically participating to win a number of prizes, including a Lifetime of Volanta Premium membership (1x), a 6 month Volanta Premium membership (5x) or any Orbx product of choice (5x). These winners will be announced via Volanta’s social channels.

Update: Minor correction to the price and tax information.

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