Orbx Releases TrueEarth EU Spain South for XP

12 Nov 2021 08:11z

Announced just under a week ago, Orbx has released TrueEarth EU Spain South for X-Plane 11. The 98,000 square mile covering add-on features high resolution 1m/px aerial imagery with hand edited textures. It also includes over 200 points of interest, covering cities and major landmarks such as castles, churches and more. The team has hand-placed ports and boats at appropriate places, and there is accurate and ‘Spanish-themed’ auto-gen.

TrueEarth EU Spain South is available in a HD and an SD version. The HD version is available for $39,99 AUD whereas the SD version costs $33,71 AUD. Customers of the SD version can upgrade to the HD version at a discount, and customers of the HD version get the SD version for free included in their purchase. Both sceneries are available from Orbx Direct.


  • Huge coverage area spanning from Valencia to the Costa Del Sol
  • Crisp and detailed 1m/px aerial imagery, hand-edited textures with color corrections (2m/px for SD version)
  • Over 200 POIs covering major cities, castles, churches, and key landmarks
  • Hand-placed ports/boats and other coastal features
  • Accurate Spanish themed autogen grouped and heightened based on detailed LiDAR data
  • Highly detailed and optimized 10m mesh to bring out stunning detail in mountains and the coastline
  • Accurate vegetation, matching color, type, and height and optimized for performance

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