Orbx Releases Soldier Bar Airstrip for MSFS

Pack your camping gear for this backcountry airstrip

Posted: 17-Mar-2023 @ 14:32z
Updated: 23-Mar-2023 @ 21:26z
Orbx Releases Soldier Bar Airstrip for MSFS

The United States Forestry Service’s (USFS) 85U Soldier Bar airstrip is nestled within Idaho’s Big Creek Canyon, making it a popular location for backcountry pilots camping out overnight. The strip is frequented by pilots flying out of nearby McCall airfield, stopping off for a fishing or hunting trip.

Bumpy and with a 4-degree uphill slope, the airstrip provides a challenge to pilots of all abilities thanks to the dog-legged runway. At just 1660 ft in length and 15 ft wide, watch out for the many bumps when landing on runway 25 as they are known to launch the aircraft back into the air. Departure tests your piloting skills just as much, careful power management is needed to navigate the downhill left-hand curve as the aircraft builds up speed.

Grab your camping gear, and pick up your copy of 85U Soldier Bar from Orbx Direct for $11.99 AUD.

Feature List

  • 40+ custom assets
  • Extensive vegetation creation and placement
  • Signature McCall Aviation 206 livery
  • Enhanced terrain and texture work for an authentic experience
  • Campsite and pit toilet
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Graham Carr
Graham was introduced to flight sims with FS95 and followed the product releases through to P3D v5 and now MSFS. He can often be found flying the virtual European skies on Vatsim.

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