Orbx Releases Molde Airport for MSFS

The latest product from Finn Hasen has been released. Discover Molde Airport (ENML) in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

17 Dec 2021 19:55z

Get ready to head back to Norway with the release of Molde Airport (ENML) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developed by the well-regarded Finn Hansen, Molde Airport is the latest release in the Orbx collection that joins the likes of Alesund, Sandefjord and Hammerfest.

As with other products from Finn, Molde Airport will come with 40 square KM of detailed orthoimagery and remove imperfections with the default scenery included with the simulator. In addition, there is detailed modelling throughout that have been designed with the latest technology and modern texturing techniques. The custom ground service equipment scattered around the airport will also give you a great level of immersion as they have been textured on real-world liveries. Finn has also been supported by Jakub Łukaszewski on the groundwork.

Molde Airport is on the shore of Moldefjord and the runway is only 3m above sea level so in times of high seas and tides the water creeps onto the runway edges. Its coastal location should give you plenty of great views during the approach, particularly when the sun is low in the sky.

You can now buy Molde Airport (ENML) from OrbxDirect for $22.72 AUD (US$16.22 | €14,41 | £12.24).

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