Orbx Announces Himalaya Mesh for MSFS

09 Nov 2021 10:50z

Orbx isn’t sitting still. After the recent release of Skiathos for MSFS, and the announcement of TrueEarth Spain South for X-Plane, the developer is hard at work on their next project. That project being, as announced on the Orbx Direct forums, Himalaya Mesh for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Himalaya Mesh aims to enhance the terrain resolution of the fan-favourite region, with 10m resolution that’s been compiled from several different sources. The project, once released, will be Orbx’s largest yet in terms of coverage area. The add-on will be 100% self-contained, meaning that it won’t alter any of the default mesh or files, and will come in at just over 20GB. There should also virtually be no performance impact of using this mesh.

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