Orbx Announces 2W3 Swanson Airport for X-Plane

Over on their forum, Aimee of Orbx has announced Swanson Airport part of the TrueEarth…

Posted: 06-Aug-2019 @ 22:32z
Orbx Announces 2W3 Swanson Airport for X-Plane

Over on their forum, Aimee of Orbx has announced Swanson Airport part of the TrueEarth US Washington series for X-Plane.

Swanson Airport is located just one mile outside Eatonsville, Washington. It is known for having residents on either side of the Single runway, many with private hangars to store their aircraft. 

Orbx has recreated 2W3 with great detail, they have used photos taken from the airport and via helicopter to bring the interesting airport to life within X-Plane. Along with Swanson Airport, Orbx has also included photoreal coverage of Ohop Lake, a renown watersport location in the area.

Orbx has taken the time to model custom airport and residential buildings, static aircraft, people and the surrounding local areas. Although it is recommended that you use Swanson alongside TrueEarth US Washington, the airport will work without it but you may experience some blending issues and misplaced autogen.

Orbx has not mentioned any timeframes for this release but based on similar products, it won’t be long before you will be able to add this to your cart through the Orbx website, where you can also find TrueEarth US Washington.

Feature List

  • 60cm and 15cm per pixel
  • Airport and houses modelled
  • 3D modelled ground poly incl. runway and aprons
  • Photoreal coverage incl. Lake Ohop
  • Custom modelled static aircraft
  • Based on actual on-site photos
  • The entire town of Eatonville is modelled
  • Seamless integration with TrueEarth US Washington
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