NextGen Simulations Releases Embraer 110 for MSFS

Following the latest batch of previews, aircraft developer NextGen Simulations has released its rendition of the versatile…

Posted: 28-Mar-2021 @ 16:15z
NextGen Simulations Releases Embraer 110 for MSFS

Following the latest batch of previews, aircraft developer NextGen Simulations has released its rendition of the versatile Brazilian Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante for MSFS.

Commissioned by the Brazilian Ministry of Aeronautics in 1965 and designed by French engineer Max Holste, the Embraer EMB110 Bandeirante was intended to be a light, versatile, multipurpose turboprop aircraft suitable for both military as well as civilian purposes. The first prototype rolled of Embraer’s assembly line in 1968 and took its first flight on October 26th, 1968.

Although initially set to further develop and improve, Embraer eventually decided to halt the program to take on a new program, that of the Embraer EMB 120 Brazilia. Across the aircraft’s production period, 501 individual airframes were constructed, with about 150 examples still seeing active service today. Like Air Rarotonga’s examples, some of those still operate scheduled commercial services, even in this day and age.

Having shared their latest batch of previews only recently, aircraft developer NextGen Simulations has released its recreation of this iconic jungle turboprop for MSFS users to take for a spin. The developer claims that the product comes with 3 distinct, accurately modeled versions of the airframe, including the EMB 110P; EMB 110P1; and EMB110P1K, the last of which is a freighter version of the airframe. Additionally, the aircraft uses the latest MSFS features, including high-quality PBR textures, a ramp manager EFB, and a custom-recorded, authentic PT6A-37 turboprop soundset.

NextGen Simulations rendition of the Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante is now available for purchase via the simMarket online store and will cost you €29.74 Ex. VAT.

Feature List

  • Three accurately modeled variants of the EMB-110: EMB-110P, EMB-110P1 & EMB-110P1K
  • Frame-rate friendly models
  • Fully MSFS SDK-compliant development, featuring native GLTF format, high-quality PBR-ready textures, native rain effects and scratching details in windshield windows and frosting effects in the aircraft structure
  • Ramp Manager EFB
  • 12 different liveries
  • Interactive in-sim checklists
  • Accurately rendered 3D virtual cockpit, with virtual cabin included
  • Custom-coded animations and systems logic
  • Fully modernized avionics, including an easy-to-use autopilot system
  • Authentic PT6A-37 engine soundset


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