M’M Simulations Releases Ivalo Airport

The popular winter holiday airport Ivalo Airport has been released for MSFS.

05 Jan 2022 09:42z

M’M Simulations has released their rendition of the Finnish airport of Ivalo (EFIV) for MSFS. Ivalo Airport is a popular holiday destination during winter, offering plenty of snow and vast amounts of beautiful Finnish nature to tourists. The airport is frequently served year round by Finnair, but also sees airlines such as Transavia and TUI make appearances during the holiday season.

M’M Simulations rendition of the airport features an accurately terminal building with surroundings. It appears full of detail on the outside of the airport, as well as the inside, with a fully modeled terminal interior. There are animated passengers around the airport, and the team has included seasonal decorations for the Christmas and New Years period if you select the month of December in your sim.

M’M Simulations’ Ivalo Airport is available from simMarket for €15.

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