MK-Studios Roadmap Update, Helsinki Previews

Over on Facebook, MK-Studios has shared a big update regarding their on-going scenery development projects.…

Posted: 30-Apr-2020 @ 21:11z
Updated: 04-Apr-2023 @ 14:25z
MK-Studios Roadmap Update, Helsinki Previews

Over on Facebook, MK-Studios has shared a big update regarding their on-going scenery development projects. The developer has been releasing products left and right and has many more projects on their roadmap, so there is a lot to dig in.


Is currently undergoing testing, and will soon receive an update with Prepar3D v5 support.

Palma De Mallorca

Only released two weeks ago, Palma De Mallorca seems to have been received well by the community. The developer is hard at work at a small update (1.10), which is currently undergoing testing as well. This update will hopefully be out by next week.

Lisbon, Tenerife Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

All these airports are scheduled for conversion to Prepar3D v5. But because the team also wants to include a few small fixes for these sceneries, it all takes a bit longer. For those that really can’t wait, the team will publish a guide soon on how to install these sceneries in Prepar3D v5 before the official installers are out.


We know they’re working on it, and for now that’s all we know. The team hopes to be able to share more information soon.

Fuerteventura, Lanzarote & Vagar

These sceneries have updates scheduled for them in the third quarter of the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team anticipates these updates to be larger ‘v2’ updates, which will include PBR materials and better overall visuals.


Sadly, MK-Studios has announced that Sevilla is cancelled. But the good news here is that MK-Studios has been in touch with a ‘high quality scenery developer’ that shared some of their work on Sevilla airport with them, which has led to the decision of MK-Studios cancelling their version. Hopefully we will find out more about this developer, and their Sevilla scenery, soon.

Ponta Delgada

The development of this scenery is currently on hold. Sadly, the team is not able to gather their source materials for the airport due to the ongoing travel restrictions due to COVID-19.


Many have been eagerly waiting for a new scenery rendition of Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport (EFHK), and got quite excited when MK-Studios announced to have the scenery on their roadmap earlier this year. Since then it’s been quiet around the airport, with MK-Studios having plenty of other projects on their plate to work on, as seen above in this post. However, the developer has now shared the first previews of the airport. The previews show the 3D modelling of the airport and its surrounding area. The team hopes to be able to share textured previews of the airport soon, with an estimated release of the scenery set for this summer. Also shown is a very interesting topographic map. This map may or may not be used for the sloped runways of the airport, that is something the team is currently looking in to but depending on ‘technology usage’.

Last but not least, the team is looking for your input on future projects, so make sure to let them know. And make sure to check out their upcoming Donegal previews.

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