MK-STUDIOS Releases Helsinki Airport for MSFS

Following closely on the release of Rovaniemi, MK-STUDIOS has released Helsinki Airport for MSFS

18 Dec 2021 18:29z

MK-STUDIOS has released Helsinki Airport (EFHK) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport was previously available for Prepar3D v4 and v5. The release of Helsinki comes shortly after the release another Finnish airport, namely MK-STUDIOS’ Rovaniemi Airport. Both airports are very popular during the winter season due to the (usually) cold and snowy conditions and of course, being the gateway to the official home of Santa Claus.

MK-STUDIOS has made a few improvements to Helsinki Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team has removed a lot of the land-side structures of the scenery, and filled this up with a couple of construction cranes. This represents the airport in a more up-to-date state than its Prepar3D counterpart. However, it’s still not an entirely accurate and fully up-to-date rendition of the airport, as Helsinki Airport opened the doors of its new and iconic terminal to the public earlier this month. The MSFS version also adds sloped runways, which were previously not present.

MK-STUDIOS Helsinki Airport is available for $22.95 AUD from Orbx Direct. If you’re curious whether or not MK-STUDIOS’ Helsinki Airport is worth your money, we previously did a head-to-head review where we compare it with JustSim’s Helsinki scenery. This review was made for Prepar3D, but the comparison should still hold up relatively well despite some small changes.


  • Helsinki Airport in very detailed rendition
  • High definition 4k textures with PBR
  • Satellite image for the airport area
  • High-resolution terrain mesh
  • Runway elevation profiles
  • Simplified terminal interior
  • Airport surrounding buildings

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