MK-Studios Releases Dublin v2 Trailer

EIDW get’s a belated St. Paddy’s day makeover just in time for Cross the Pond.

Posted: 28-Mar-2023 @ 14:44z
Updated: 29-Mar-2023 @ 15:31z
MK-Studios Releases Dublin v2 Trailer

DISCLAIMER: This article was originally published with the title “MK-Studios Releases Dublin v2”. At the time it was originally published, the product page for Dublin Airport (EIDW) was visible at . However it is not currently possible to purchase the product through Orbx and SimMarket, and the update for existing customers does not appear to have released. This page will be updated when the update has rolled out and the scenery package is available for sale.

MK-Studios have released a trailer for their long awaited Dublin Airport v2, which completely remodels most of the airport to a very high level of detail.

In the trailer released by AviationLads, we get to see the newly remodelled airport which includes updated textures and lighting, modelled terminal interiors, more working jetways, a new VDGS system and the much requested addition of runway 10L/28R following the completion of construction works last August.

The update should be coming just in time for this weekend’s VATSIM: Cross the Pond Westbound event, where Dublin is an airport taking part in the bi-annual Atlantic crossing.

Dublin Airport by MK-Studios was originally released for Microsoft Flight Simulator in late 2020, shortly after the title released in the summer of the same year. Although at the time it was a well-received product, the re-opening of runway 10L/28R along with leaps and bounds in the quality of scenery products for MSFS prompted MK-Studios to completely revisit the scenery and bring it up to the standards we have seen from other highly regarded developers such as iniScene and Pyreegue DevCo.

From the previews we can also see that MK-Studios have taken the time to add in extensive, high resolution ground clutter, and added additional new details to the land side of the airport including hotels, car parks and motorways.

MK-Studios Dublin Airport v2 joins a growing list of sceneries which were originally released for Microsoft Flight Simulator that have now been completely overhauled in a ‘version 2’ to meet an increasingly high bar for scenery developers. Others large, international airports that have gone through the overhauling process include iniScene’s London Heathrow and Gaya Simulations’ Vienna.

At this time there is no published changelog and the store pages for MK-Studios’ Dublin V2 have been pulled. When these are live again, the article will be updated. When a changelog becomes available we will publish it in full here on

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