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Milviz Releases the Cessna 310R for MSFS

The long-awaited Milviz 310R is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Milviz Releases the Cessna 310R for MSFS

Milviz has released its long-awaited Cessna 310R for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Although it’s not Cessna’s most popular aircraft, the twin-engine monoplane still saw a considerable amount of the type built between 1954 and 1980. The aircraft can carry 4-6 passengers up to nearly 1000nm at a maximum cruise speed of 190knots. The aircraft type has a 285hp engine and has a maximum takeoff weight of 5,500lbs (2,500kgs). The impressive capabilities of the Cessna 310 made it a very popular choice for both commercial and military operators.

Perhaps one of the most standout features of this aircraft is the all-new aircraft-state functionality. You will have to really look after the aircraft as over time, the plane will need care and attention. If you choose to use the ‘ownership’ state, you will own the plane and after each flight, the plane will remember exactly how you left it. Visible wear and tear will be added and you can also cycle through over 250 different states. “For each individual livery and custom tail number, all your custom settings, including maintenance state, will persist from flight to flight, allowing you to build up a long term realistic rapport with your plane(s). Treat your plane with consideration, and your maintenance cycles will be longer; handle roughly and the abused parts will wear out sooner!”

Another option is to ‘rent’ the plane. When you load up your plane, the state and usability of your plane will be set randomly. This could be a smooth flight or there could be an undisclosed issue which you may need to resolve in-flight. Finally, there is also the ability to use the ‘default’ mode to ensure your plane is brand new each time you fly.

Alongside the persistent aircraft feature is the ability to set failures to one of four levels. Those who want a smooth sailing flight can enable just that, or if you’re keen to test your skills, you can select a more probable failure rate.

In order to control many of these options, you can use the onboard EFB to set specific conditions. The EFB will also allow you to perform maintenance on the aircraft.

All of these features are in addition to extremely detailed modelling, accurate PBR texturing and an impressive sound-set. 3D passengers and baggage will be added based on your loaded weight, clutter will be added to your plane as your fly (think paper, cups, etc) and dirt will eventually build up on your plane. There are also working de-ice boots.

Finally, Milviz has included a range of liveries, and checklists, and the 310R also supports the use of in-sim checklists.

You can buy the Milviz Cessna 310R from their website for $39.99 (excluding taxes).

Watch the official trailer here.


  • Multi-function in-game interactive tablet allowing control of configuration and options, including
    • Doors, reds, chocks and control lock
    • Passengers & baggage
    • Passenger comfort index
    • Fuel load for main and wing tanks
    • Dirt accretion over time with user-defined custom dirt levels
    • Configurable avionics suite with support for:
      • Asobo GNS530/430
      • Asobo Garmin G5
      • PMS50 GTN750 GNS530
      • TDS GTN750XI
      • Asobo GNS530
      • Classic old-skool radio nav
    • Default, Rental, and owned initial states
    • Extensive realism & failure options
    • Comprehensive component maintenance simulation
  • Realistic flight dynamics, including faithfully simulated single engine operation
  • Realistic startup and shutdowns using independent custom coded mag switches, fuel pump switches, and fuel selectors
  • Realistic systems and avionics
  • Interactive in-game checklist to assist with operating the aircraft, with the ability for the in-game co-pilot assist function to read off items and point the camera in the direction of the control or instrument you need to check
  • Walk around external checklist
  • 6 HD liveries
  • Working de-ice boots
  • Realistic night lighting, landing lights and custom effects
  • High quality external and internal models
  • Beautiful 4K/8K textures
  • Highly detailed MSFS native sound environment featuring accurate Continental IO-520-M engine noise, systems audio and advanced physics based airflow sounds.
  • Highly detailed product operating handbook included
  • Set of navigation instruments: 330, 430, 530, KAP 140 transponder – all fully supporting the MSFS codebase for 100% integration
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