MilViz Releases Service Pack 1 for King Air B350i

Popular aircraft developer Military Visualizations has released the first service pack for their King Air B350i addon for Prepar3D. An extensive changelog was released over on the MilViz forum, detailing what we can expect to…

Posted: 28-May-2020 @ 23:43z
MilViz Releases Service Pack 1 for King Air B350i

Popular aircraft developer Military Visualizations has released the first service pack for their King Air B350i addon for Prepar3D. An extensive changelog was released over on the MilViz forum, detailing what we can expect to see in the latest version of this turboprop.

While no major changes were announced, a wide array of smaller fixes have been made that mostly concentrate on the FMS, systems, PL21 avionics system and visual tweaks.

Originally releasing in December 2019, the King Air B350i addon is a faithful rendition of the famous Beechcraft Super King family member and boasts a full FMS-3000, TrueGlass integration and realistic sounds. 

The latest rendition of the King Air B350i is available from both the MilViz store and SimMarket for $79.99 and €70.08/£63.01 excl. VAT respectively.

Existing customers can grab SP1 free of charge from the MilViz support forum or the original download link they received upon purchase.  As of this date, the only simulator that supports this product is Prepar3D Version 4.5.


FMS Changes

  • Fixed cycle dates showing yellow at all times*
  • Fixed broken “NEW HOLD” LSK
  • Fixed reverse wind entry
  • Fixed issue with entering small negative coordinates*
  • Fixed typos/display inaccuracies on the ARRIVAL DATA page*
  • Fixed broken duplicate waypoint selection on PERF TRIP page*
  • Fixed incorrect elevation display on ARRIVAL DATA page*
  • Fixed incorrect default hold data*
  • Fixed airport position initialization not entering departure airport*
  • Added RX## waypoint system for VECTOR approaches*
  • Fixed overly restrictive filtering behavior*
  • Fixed incorrect departure/arrival/approach filtering
  • Fixed broken SEC FPLN ROUTE MENU link
  • Fixed SEC FPLN page change behavior
  • Fixed labeling of SEC FPLN DEPART/ARRIVE pages
  • Fixed ability to select transitions when not displayed
  • Corrected “NBDs” typo
  • Fixed procedure name designations
  • Corrected (as much as possible) the behavior of the “RWY” text on the legs page
  • Fixed localizer data not showing all runways
  • Fixed inability to use LSK-copy method to copy waypoints further down the flight plan
  •  Changed default HOLD speedAdded ability to display TEARDROP and PARALLEL HOLD entry type
  • Fixed erroneous “CANCEL HOLD” display
  • Fixed page indexing issue with departure runway selection
  • Fixed FIX INFO drawingAdded FIX INFO intercept calculation (first pass, WIP)
  • Fixed incorrect duplicate leg detection
  • Fixed incorrect leg sequencing when adjusting a SID/STARMade DIR TO after auto sequence inhibit revert to auto sequence
  • Fixed unintentional modification/data updating of active legs from the DIRECT TO history
  • Moved ini locations for better re-usability
  • Moved pilot route location for better re-usability
  • Added Navigraph chart viewer system
  • Improved FIX INFO entry and display
  • Fixed inabilty to enter VERTICAL DIR TO altitude via scratchpad
  • Made editing TO leg directly perform DIR TO
  • Improved display of DIR TO vertical fields
  • Improved restriction of DIR TO vertical entry
  • Fixed inability to reselect an approach after passing the missed approach point
  • Discontinuities are no longer inserted after the departure for empty flight plans
  • Made an internal change to prevent multiple DIRECT TO objects from being created
  • Fixed an issue incorrect reselection of the FROM LEG when changing a STAR/APPR
  • Fixed font size on DEP/ARR pages
  • Fixed clicking DEP/ARR from the ARRIVAL page not returning to DEP/ARR INDEX
  • Various other fixes
  • Fixed leg text copying on FPLN page
  • Fixed a CTD related to certain leg entry
  • Switched flyover handling internally to prevent unneeded @ display
  • Fixed hold exit prompt text
  • Made modifying leg flyover behavior cause a flight plan modification
  • Fixed name of certain HOLDs
  • Fixed ability to improperly copy current position before entry
  • Fixed an issue potentially incorrectly deleting legs
  • Fixed incorrect leg wind entry index
  • Allowed copying of leg wind data
  • Made HOLD portion of missed approach remain when new approach is selected
  • Fixed missing designation for certain approaches
  • Fixed certain FIX behavior
  • Fixed VA/CA overflyGoing DIR to a non-flightplan waypoint during a HOLD now advances the hold behind the (DIR) object
  • Made airport/runway DIR TO use proper DIR TO system
  • Made insert/non-FPLN DIR TO within MAP portion of FPLN erase subsequent map legs
  • Improved selection/resetting of ILS data
  • Fixed re-selection of STAR/APPR from leg control after completing MAP
  • Fixed detection of waypoint chains for dissimilar object types
  • Fixed incorrect double-insertion of holds under certain conditions
  • Fixed incorrect DIR INTC CRS entry behavior
  • Fixed SP RNG number accuracy
  • Fixed inability to enter VNAV DESCENT TGT SPEED
  • Fixed TRANS ALT display on VNAV CLIMB page
  • Fixed TRANS FL display on VNAV DESCENT page
  • Fixed inability to enter C/F on TEMP COMP page
  • Fixed inability to delete marked points
  • Fixed inability to edit second marked point description on each page
  • Fixed wrong line select copying marked point latitude/longitudeVarious leg/calculation fixes
  • Added automatic setting of vertical usage based on surrounding waypoints (closing gaps)
  • Added additional parameters to the runway leg for visual approaches
  • Fixed hard-coded “SGF” text on FIX pageFixed FROM leg EFOB updating
  • Fixed EFOB calculation issue
  • Fixed inability to enter ISA DEV properly on LEG WIND page
  • Allowed copying of leg ISA deviation

Systems Changes

  • Corrected ATC ID of liveries
  • VCP improvements
  • Removed invalid panel.cfg entry
  • Removed invalid aircraft.cfg light entries
  • Removed “repair” and “modify” installer options to prevent unintentional de-activation
  • Made fuel/payload stay as-is when startup scenario is set to current conditions
  • Added check box to enable/disable hardware mapping
  • Missing panel bitmap added

PL21 Changes

  • Fixed a possible CTD relating to changing flight plans
  • TAWS No longer causes erroneous alerts on load
  • Fixed display of charts when CHARTS menu was re-opened
  • Doubled resolution of PFD and MFD for better readability
  • Allowed zoom, pan, and rotation of charts
  • Added moving airplane symbol to charts display for geolocated charts
  • Added procedure turn arrow display
  • Updated size of flight plan arrow
  • Made arrow not appear at incorrect times
  • Fixed screens not clearing and redrawing fully
  • Fixed drawing of runways for visual approaches
  • Fixed FIX display behavior
  • Fixed several crashes related to leg indexing
  • Fixed RTU/FMS transponder syncing
  • Fixed a PLAN related CTD
  • Fixed missing RESERVE fuel display on MFD PROG

Visual Changes

  • Fixed fire extinguisher indicated level
  • Fixed missing texture
  • Fixed reversed EMER FREQ
  • Fixed the GND COMM and EMERG FREQ buttons
  • Fixed reversed animation of right aileron trim movement
  • Fixed cabin-side cabin door lighting
  • Added wing views


In addition to the list above, significant improvements have been made to the following areas:

  • Leg sequencing
  • Leg location/prediction calculations
  • VNAV
  • LNAV
  • DIR TO and leg insertion behavior
  • Overall systems accuracy
  • Overall model accuracy
  • Overall texture accuracy
  • Overall night lighting accuracy
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