MilViz Releases King Air B350i on Prepar3D V4

MilViz has released their long-awaited King Air B350i on Prepar3D V4. After a sound preview…

Posted: 21-Dec-2019 @ 21:51z
MilViz Releases King Air B350i on Prepar3D V4

MilViz has released their long-awaited King Air B350i on Prepar3D V4. After a sound preview earlier this week, the team has finally released the anticipated aircraft, which comes with a huge variety of features. The Beechcraft Super King Air is a twin-turbo-prop that can reach up to speeds of 312 knots and a range of 1,806 nautical miles. The speed, flexibility and range of the aicraft prooved popular with over 3,700 built since it was introduced back in 1972.

MilViz has pulled out all the stops to create a realisitc rendition of the aircraft for the simulator. The MilViz King Air B350i features a full FMS-3000, including SID/STAR support, airways, performance and LNAV/VNAV. The PL21 has also been included with checklists, composite modes and more. In addition, the team has worked to inlcude RealLifht night lighting, custom effects and also integration with TrueGlass dynamic rain effects.

As seen in the sound demo video, a full suite of recorded sounds are packaged with the product. For those that love visuals, MilViz have included an external model with high-resolution PBR texturing, with the inside seeing just as much high-resolution love with 3D gauges. Icing effects are also part of the package, which has been tested by 4 experienced pilots of the aircraft type. The full list of features are documented down below.

As we previously mentioned, the MilViz King Air B350i will cost you $79.99.

Feature List

  • Fully featured FMS-3000, including SID/STAR support, airway support, performance entry, LNAV and VNAV, and many extended features
  • Fully featured PL21, including radars, checklists, composite mode
  • Faithfully reproduced systems and avionics, including checklist functionality
  • Terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS+)
  • Custom RealLight night lighting, landing lights and custom effects
  • TrueGlass dynamic rain effects
  • Chart viewer system
  • Includes 4 highly detailed liveries
  • True to life turboprop emulation with accurately modelled PT-6A behaviours
  • High quality sound set recorded from a real 350i
  • High quality external model with high resolution PBR textures
  • High quality internal model complete with custom 3D gauges
  • Stunning custom icing, with realistic de-icing boot effects
  • Highly detailed product manuals included
  • Tested and vetted by 4 experienced 350i pilots (and one instructor!)time.
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