Milviz PC-6 Turbo Porter Released

A project that’s been one of the best-kept Milviz secrets in recent memory, the Milviz PC-6 Turbo Porter has now been released! The PC-6 Turbo Porter is one of the most versatile bush planes flying…

Posted: 06-Jun-2019 @ 14:05z
Milviz PC-6 Turbo Porter Released

A project that’s been one of the best-kept Milviz secrets in recent memory, the Milviz PC-6 Turbo Porter has now been released!

The PC-6 Turbo Porter is one of the most versatile bush planes flying today. Powered by a PT-6A-27 turbine, the Turbo Porter has almost legendary STOL performance in all phases of flight, making it the perfect aircraft to get in and out of those short bush strips. The PC-6 is perhaps most known for its incredible beta descent capability, allowing the prop to enter the beta phase in-flight, producing monstrous amounts of drag and allowing you to plummet at upwards of 4-5 thousand feet a minute.

The Milviz rendition of the PC-6 Turbo Porter aims to be the best PC-6 simulation on the market. Utilizing the engine code from the upcoming King Air, the Milviz PT-6A-27 simulation in the PC-6 features the most accurate simulation of a PT-6A available today. All the characteristics and functions of the real PT-6A have been modeled to a tee. This includes a totally realistic startup procedure with spool up rates depending on various different variables, in-flight start options such as starter assisted, windmilling and hot starts, in addition to fully simulated hot and cold weather operations and engine failures due to exceeded limits.

While the PT-6 is, of course, the star of the show in the PC-6, the rest of the aircraft is just as meticulously modeled. Features of the aircraft included highly realistic flight dynamics, realistic systems and avionics, optional floats, tundra wheels, skis or amphibian equipment, a correctly modeled reverse pitch beta mode and so much more. You can find the full PT-6A and PC-6 feature lists below.

The Milviz PC-6 Turbo Porter is available exclusively for Prepar3D v4.5 and can be yours for a price of $39.99 and various discounts apply for people purchasing directly from the Milviz store.  If you purchase your Turbo Porter direct from the Milviz store, you automatically get 10% off the price and 20% off if you’ve bought any of the other Milviz bush planes (Otter, Turbo Otter, and Beaver) directly from their store. A 20% discount also applies if you purchase it at the FlightSimExpo. It should be noted that these discounts are not cumulative, so only can apply at checkout. 

PC-6 Turbo Porter feature list:

  • Realistic flight dynamics
  • Realistic startup and shutdowns
  • Realistic systems and avionics
  • 5 HD liveries
  • REX/Milviz WXR included (Prepar3D v.4.5 latest version with hotfix only)
  • Configurable for standard undercarriage, floats, amphibs, tundra wheels or skis
  • Correctly modelled reverse pitch beta mode
  • Realistic night lighting, landing lights and custom effects
  • Support for 3rd Party Avionics (RealityXP, Flight1, Navstax)
  • High quality external and internal models
  • Highly detailed product operating handbook included
  • True Glass, Real Light included
  • Doors and storage can be opened and closed in spot view

PT-6A-27 feature list:

Engine model = Pratt & Whitney PT6A-27
Engine Power = 550 SHP Flat Rated up to 43 ºC ISA conditions
Propeller = 4 bladed, constant speed.
Propeller model = Hartzell HC-D4N-3P/D9511F

Custom modelled systems:

      • Totally realistic.
      • Spool up rates depending on different variable (fuel, temperature, altitude, battery power,etc).Startup procedure:
  • In-Flight different start procedures included:
    • Starter assisted
    • No Starter/Windmilling (depending on conditions)
    • Hot starts simulated due to different conditions (fuel too soon, low battery, etc)
    • P3D custom AutoStart included (CTRL-E)
  • Custom specific sounds for entire startup/shutdown sequence, both external and internal.
    Sound volume is user configurable with MVAMS.
  • Realistic propeller rotation at engine startup & shutdown.
  • Engine Performance modeled following real engine data from different tables.
  • Emergency Power System fully operational.
  • Engine failures because of limits exceeded (random)
  • Cold & Hot weather operations realistically simulated, including:
    • Oil pressure variable upon oil temp conditions
    • Oil temp variable upon OAT conditions
    • Combustion delays at low temperatures
  • Fuel System totally simulated, including:
    • External tank(s) configuration for certain variants
    • External to Main fuel transfers
      Custom Electrical System, including:

      • 1 x 24V 34 Ah NiCad Battery.
        Battery damage due to overheating is simulated and will cause failures if starter time limits are not respected.
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