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Microsoft Releases Famous Flyer 09: Douglas C-47D Skytrain & Waco CG-4A

A special Famous Flyer to commemorate a historic event.

80 Years ago today, June 6th, one of the largest military undertakings in history took place. A large group of allied forces started the liberation of Europe by air and by sea. In order to commemorate this day, Microsoft has released Famous Flyer 09, the Douglas C-47D Skytrain together with the Waco CG-4A glider.

The C-47 and Waco glider were part of Operation Neptune, bringing additional troops, ammunition and weapons for the paratroopers that had been dropped over France (also by C-47’s) just hours earlier in the initial assault phase of Operation Overlord. The gliders were capable of carrying a significant load with them: up to 15 passengers at a time; a 75mm howitzer, 25 rounds of artillery ammunition and two artillerymen; a Jeep with its driver together with personnel and cargo; a small bulldozer; and specialty loads such as a field kitchen, field hospital and repair facilities.

The C-47D Skytrain probably requires less of an introduction. It’s is a twin engine aircraft based on the famous Douglas DC-3, which was introduced to Microsoft Flight Simulator with the 40th Anniversary Edition. the C-47 was one of the most important aircraft for the allies during World War II. It was one of the most typical aircraft to transport the aforementioned Waco glider, and of course the aircraft was regularly used for dropping paratroopers. The C-47 only has a few modifications from the civilian DC-3. These include a large cargo door, a strengthened floor, jump seats and paratrooper deployment modifications, and glider tow hooks. The C-47 was also updated with additional navigational aids and radio equipment. The aircraft gained the nickname ‘Dakota’ after its manufacturer, Douglas Aircraft Company Transport Aircraft. After the war, many C-47’s were converted to civilian use, and many of those still fly to this day.

Microsoft’s Famous Flyer 09: Douglas C-47D Skytrain and the Waco CG-4A are available right now from the MSFS Marketplace in a bundle for $14.99. For every purchase made betweeh June 6th and July 5th 2024 Microsoft will donate 100% of each sale to the USO. Both planes have been developed by Aeroplane Heaven, also responsible for the aforementioned DC-3.

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