Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Next World Update Delayed

19 Aug 2021 19:54z

A new post on the official Flight Simulator blog has confirmed that World Update 6 will be facing a short delay. The post states that in order for the new update to reach a “very high level of quality,” the team has decided to move the release back to September 7th 2021. This is just a few weeks after the original release of August 26th.

“We are very excited about this update as it features many enhancements to the region, including new aerials and elevation maps, new photogrammetry cities, 4 hand-crafted airports, nearly 100 POIs and new discovery flights, landing challenges, and bush trips,” the post reads. “It’s a ton of content and we want to make sure that it will be great”

World Update 6 will focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We know already that Klagenfurt Airport (LOWK) Lubeck Airport (EDHL) and St. Gallen–Altenrhein Airport (LSZR) will form three of the four airports, whilst Vienna is one of the new photogrammetry cities. We have also seen previews of Castle Katz, Holstentor, and other points of interest during a recent developer Q&A.

In addition to the new world content for those parts of Europe, Microsoft has confirmed that there will be various improvements and fixes also added to the update. There have been various stability issues resolved both in normal use and also when using VR. In addition, a new “offscreen terrain pre-caching” option has been added, which means that FPS drops and LOD popping when panning the camera can be adjusted to Low, Medium, High or Ultra. Alongside this, photogrammetry draw distance has also been further increased. There are a number of other fixes listed on the Microsoft Flight Simulator blog.

As usual with the development updates, the roadmap and feedback snapshot lists have been updated.

You can check out the full blog post on the official site. In the meantime, check out our review on the Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator or experience with the simulator in VR.

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