Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update III: United Kingdom and Ireland Released

After a series of delays, Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update III: United Kingdom & Ireland…

Posted: 16-Feb-2021 @ 16:15z
Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update III: United Kingdom and Ireland Released

After a series of delays, Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update III: United Kingdom & Ireland has been made available to download. The large and anticipated update adds brand new world data for the whole of the United Kingdom along with a huge number of fixes and changes under the hood. Update version is now ready to download by installing the latest package for the simulator.

The new World Update, available now from the Marketplace, includes brand new airports, photogrammetry cities and a range of points of interest. The new photogrammetry cities are Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford and London. In addition, nearly 80 points of interest will be included with favourites such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and the Eden Project to name just a few. Furthermore, five hand-crafted airports will be added including Barra, Liverpool, Land’s End, Manchester-Barton and Out Skerries, along with visual and other improvements to 85 others across the UK. Digital elevation data right across the UK and a range of activities will also be included for free in the update.

Further to the world update, the latest update includes various changes and improvements for the entire simulator. VR has also seen some improvements including changes to some of the accessibility options. Other changes include the noise issue affecting clouds has been fixed, terrain spikes are resolved and various crashes when using Little Navmap in bush trips. Furthermore, the third-party SDK has seen various improvements meaning there are more options for aircraft and scenery developers.

A Word of Warning

On Twitter, the official Microsoft Flight Simulator account made a brief comment that users should ensure they follow specific instructions for a seamless update.

  • If you are using the manual cache feature, please make sure to delete it via the in-game menu and create an updated version as we performed some backend technical updates.
  • Some packages in your community folder may not have been updated and as a result, may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behaviour. Please move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title if you suffer from stability issues or long loading times.
  • After you download the newest update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, head to the Marketplace to download the free World Update.

To Get the World Update

Once you have downloaded the newest update, you will need to head to the Marketplace to download the free World Update. This includes all of the above new airports, photogrammetry cities and trips associated with the update. Simply updating the simulator does not add the content to your simulator.

As a reminder, this update and the World Update add-on is completely free for all owners of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

You can read the blog post with patch notes on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator blog.



  • Fixed various crashes across the title
  • Fixed a specific crash while using Little Navmap in Bush trip activities


  • Several terrain spikes have been fixed, including incorrect cases of water elevation issues
  • Water masks have been updated across various locations in the world
  • Reduced the frequency of water artifacts appearing on cliffs
  • Noise issue affecting clouds has been fixed


  • The ‘Activate/Deactivate VR’ button is now always displayed in the main menu (bottom left corner of the screen) when a VR headset is plugged in. If no controls are displayed on this button, then it means that no controls are bound to this action.
  • When the toolbar is opened, it does not block interactions anymore with other menus displayed in front of it.
  • The cursor doesn’t jump anymore when moving across the Options menu in the cockpit.
  • Gray boxes don’t appear anymore when using the ‘Travel to’ feature in VR.
  • After leaving VR mode, the sim window is no longer forced on top and the player can drag and drop any other window over it.


  • Fixed induced speed calculation bug with bi propeller engines
  • Fixed the plane crash detection when landing on iced water with crash detection ‘ON’
  • Fixed swapped screens in DA62 TestPilot version
  • Fixed VS Knob Turn not working on the Airbus A320Neo
  • Improved flaps system of aircraft: Aircraft creators can now move the wing surface’s position and camber with each flap system at each flap level
  • Improved ground effect wing to ground interaction system to avoid pitch dip at rotation on some aircraft


  • Latest AIRAC cycle has been integrated and is now available


  • CH ECLIPSE YOKE default preset have been added
  • Fixed Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant ENG 1+2 don’t start engines


  • New version of the console is now available
  • Fixed an issue related to UTF8 encoding in the BGL compiler
  • New feature to group, rename, re-order, hide and lock items in the scene list
  • Fixed freeze during saving
  • New airport light system
  • Add a button in airport properties to generate taxiway signs
  • Improve heightmap edition
  • Don’t lock runway profile extremity
  • Fix taxiway sign size (wasn’t correctly serialized in BGL)
  • Fixed an issue with the saving of “static_thrust”
  • Added a new button in the Camera section of the aircraft editor to teleport the current developer camera to the position, rotation and zoom of the selected one.
  • Creation of a new tool to edit only a camera file (cameras.cfg) : it matches with the camera section of the aircraft editor


  • Security vulnerabilities in the WASI layer have been reported and fixed
  • Fixed StringFormat conversion to NanoVG alignment in GDI+ layer
  • Reworked MouseAircraft left gauge to provide clearer information
  • Fixed flight load/save (SimConnect_FlightLoad / SimConnect_FlightSave)


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