Microsoft Flight Simulator Upcoming Hotfix Info and More

Sim Update V for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been met with a mixed reception. However, whilst the update, which was released a week ago, has already been patched with a hotfix, yet another one is due very soon. In a post by Jummivana (Senior Community Manager) on the official forums, new details for how the team will be addressing the feedback emerged.

In the post titled “Regarding your Feedback + Upcoming Hotfix” a number of key issues were discussed and some timeframes as to when we can expect fixes to be made to the simulator. It was confirmed that a hotfix for some of the key issues will be released on Friday (but may move to Monday). The first issue addressed is the missing volumetric lighting. This was a bug in the shader code and will be addressed in an upcoming hotfix. Another key issue that will be patched in the next few days is the temperature spike bug. Whilst the team tried to fix these issues in the previous hotfix, some remained and will hopefully be fully addressed in the next hotfix. The next hotfix patch will see low-resolution ground textures also fixed. Some examples of the fix were included in the post. For those having issues with ATC incorrect altitude, the team has corrected this with the hotfix. Finally, some improvements to the cloud appearance will be addressed in the hotfix.

The screenshots above highlight the hotfix changes to the level of detail and ground resolution.

Following on from the hotfix, the team will be working to include a number of fixes in the next World Update, which is due out on August 24th. New airports, terrain data and points of interest aside, the World Update will also bring a number of fixes that appeared to come in from Sim Update V. The first of those fixes will be LOD popping and stutter when the camera is panning, with a new option to adjust how much off-screen scenery will be cached. Speaking of customisation, the team will be including a new slider to adjust the brightness so you tune the settings to your liking. This fix will be added to address the feedback about washed out graphics and cloud appearance. Finally, World Update VI will also bring further improvements to the incorrect ATC altitude issue.

[Correction @ 08:20 on August 5th 2021: We made a mistake with the original article and have amended some clarification on what’s in the hotfix and the upcoming world update]

This is not the end of the changes being worked on as the developers are continuing to read feedback and address issues as quickly as possible. On August 12th, the team will give a further update via the Feedback snapshot. An official discussion thread has been opened in order for the community to give feedback.

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