Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace Releases – 6th January 2022 (PC and Xbox)

See what was released on the in-sim marketplace this week for both PC and Xbox versions of Microsoft Flight Simualtor.

09 Jan 2022 12:56z

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace continues to expand its library of offerings. The latest round of products was made available on January 6th added a total of 44 new products across both PC and Xbox versions of the simulator. New airports from the likes of Orbx, LatinVFR and FeelThere were released, whilst a new livery pack from 4Simmers was also made available.

Our aim with this new feature is to keep you updated with the latest releases on the marketplace on a regular basis. Below is the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace releases for January 6th 2022.


Canadian Flight Sim Studios

Tofino/Long Beach Airport – $12.99 (PC and Xbox)


ESSB Stockholm Bromma Airport – $17.99 (PC and Xbox)

LGSK Skiathos International Airport – $17.99 (PC and Xbox)

Flyt Simulations

Frasca Field (C16) – $9.99 (PC and Xbox)

DC Scenery Design

KCDW Essex County – $14.99 (PC and Xbox)


KLAX Los Angeles International Airport – $9.99 (PC and Xbox)


KNKX Miramar Marine Corps Air Station – $8.99 (PC and Xbox)


LFKF Figari-Sud-Corse Airport – $17.99 (PC and Xbox)


KDNL Daniel Field Airport – $4.99 (PC)

N43 Braden Airpark – $4.99 (PC and Xbox)


NZAA Auckland International Airport – $19.99 (PC)

Northern Sky Studio

PHMU Waimea-Kohala Airport – $11.99 (PC)

Geardown Simulations

SWPI Parintins Airport – $8.49 (PC and Xbox)


WIII Soekarno Hatta International Airport $19.99 (PC)


Perfect Flight

Greece – Scenic Tour – $11.49 (PC and Xbox)



A320 NEO Liveries Pack North America – $4.99 (PC and Xbox)


South Oak Co

FS Birds – Central USA – $9.99 (PC and Xbox)

FS Birds – Midwest USA – $9.99 (PC and Xbox)


Milwaukee Night Enhanced – $9.99 (PC and Xbox)

Minneapolis Night Enhanced – $9.99 (PC and Xbox)

Niagara Falls Night Enhanced – $9.99 (PC and Xbox)

Rome Night Enhanced – $9.99 (PC and Xbox)

San Jose Night Enhanced – $9.99 (PC and Xbox)

Tampa Night Enhanced – $9.99 (PC and Xbox)

Zurich Night Enhanced – $9.99 (PC and Xbox)

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