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Microsoft Flight Simulator June 2024 Dev Q&A: MSFS2024 Info, SU16, New Aircraft, and More

The latest live developer Q&A session has taken place and the teams share more detail on new aircraft, MSFS 2024, and more.

Microsoft Flight Simulator June 2024 Dev Q&A: MSFS2024 Info, SU16, New Aircraft, and More

The latest Microsoft Flight Simulator developer Q&A session took place last night for just over an hour, with some new details emerging for a number of different items. This includes Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, Sim Update 16, New aircraft, and more. We have done our best to recap the key points from the discussion down below.

Jayne was joined by the usual cast of Jorg, Sebastian, and Martial who all then took turns answering questions or going into depth about their specialist areas.

Sim Update 15 Success

Jorg kicked off the stream by highlighting the success of Sim Update 15’s official rollout. Stability was a key part of this update and he said this was the best stability they’ve had for a new sim update. The A320neo V2 has been downloaded over 500,000 times and is currently the most-flown plane in the simulator.

Q&A Session 1 Recap

This session was all about the tech, weather and ATC for the simulator. The chat mostly focused on weather radar and API. They said it’s a very complex problem, but a resolution is expected in the future. The challenge mostly comes from data streaming and performance.

Famous Flyer 09 – Douglas C-47D & WACO CG-4A

To honour the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, Microsoft will dedicate Famous Flyer 09 to the Douglas C-47D & WACO CG-4A. It is releasing later today and we’ll have a dedicated post on that shortly. It has been developed by Aeroplane Heaven, who already have a lot of experience in developing these types of planes.

Famous Flyer 10 – Boeing 707-302C

That’s right, the Boeing 707-302C is coming from Aeroplane Heaven. No more details, but expect it on July 4th 2024.

Q&A Session 2

When asked about the number of players on each platform, Jorg was unable to specify a number (due to internal Microsoft rules), but said that the split between PC/Xbox users fluctuates. He said, it can vary but hovers around the 60/40 split, sometimes even 50/50.

The ‘Connection Lost’ messages are also going to be changed in Microsoft Flight Simualtor 2024, sadly it cannot be changed for the current simulator.

Sim Update 16

Even though it was previously mentioned that Sim Update 16 would come in early 2025, it seems that something will come later this year. This update will focus on critical update, including timezone changes.

Timezones were mentioned from a community member that they are incorrect in certain areas within the simulator. Martial took this question and shared the data that they had which put this into the simulator. Some areas include islands in the Pacific Ocean, parts of Europe, and Oceania. A new algorithm was created in order to correct this.

It’s not going to be a big update, just to set expectations.

City Update VIII – Las Vegas

To celebrate FlightSimExpo later this month, Microsoft will be releasing City Update VIII – Las Vegas. We’ll keep you postd on when

Q&A Session 3 – Marketplace

A few community questions surrounding the in-sim Marketplace came up this week. The first question was about limiting certain developer releases to give other developers a chance for their content. Jorg says that conversations happen about the policy and it could be looked at in the future.

The World Hub has approximately 1200 people supporting the team, but don’t expect it to go any bigger any time soon. The team are happy with where it’s at, but there’s updates coming which means they may need to shift things.

A member asked about the MSFS 2024 SDK for developers. Jorg confirmed that it will come and wanting to make sure that backwards compatibility is functioning with no impact on current products. An SDK will launch prior to the release of MSFS 2024 for the development community.

DRM is being worked on by the team to improve security for products for third-party developers. They have a dedicated team working on it to protect people’s products, but can’t share more than that.

City Update IX – United States Northeast

After many years, the team managed to get the data required to update Washingont D.C. No further details, but expect it around July 4th as they want to celebrate that date right.

Top Gun: Maverick

Now staying in the Marketplace until 25th July 2024. Jorg wants to keep it going for as long as possible.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

Jorg starts be highlighting aircraft from last year’s trailer and confirms a few aircraft developers.

  • CL-415 by Asobo Studio
  • H125 Helicopter by Asobo Studio
  • Cessna 208 by Asobo Studio
  • Cessna 188 AG Truck by Carenado
  • Erickson S-64 Aircrane by Blackbird Simulations
  • Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II by DC Designs

Jorg said there is more to be said soon. It’s good to note that Microsoft will be having their Xbox Showcase on June 9th 2024.

FlightSimExpo Seminars

Microsoft has already confirmed their attendance to FlightSimExpo 2024 this year in Las Vegas, but Jorg confirmed they will be hosting at least one seminar during the weekend. Seb and Jorg will be giving a seminar on Saturday 22nd June, and there is a “strong likelihood” of a Marketplace-themed seminar on the Sunday.

You will need to be there in person to watch these seminars, so if you haven’t done so, now is your chance to get tickets.

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