Microsoft Flight Simulator July 9th Update – Alpha 5 & Closed Beta

A new week means a new update from the Microsoft Flight Simulator team regarding their…

Posted: 10-Jul-2020 @ 06:37z
Microsoft Flight Simulator July 9th Update – Alpha 5 & Closed Beta

A new week means a new update from the Microsoft Flight Simulator team regarding their highly anticipated flight simulator. On Thursday, July 9th, the Microsoft team has taken to the official website to publish another development update. The update not only brings exciting news to the community as the developers announce the next steps with the simulator testing process, but also a ton of changes per usual that improve the experience and fix critical bugs with the current build.

MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR - Closed Beta Release Information

Maintenance Hangar Summary

Here is a short insight at what the Alpha 5 update brings:

  • Aircraft autopilots have been corrected and tuned to prevent the plane from shaking and re-adjusting back and forth
  • Flight Models have received various improvements, such as “ongoing improvement to the ground effect formula to improve the overall ‘realism’.”
  • Airport fixes at GMMX, EDDN, and KMLB, while adding missing control towers at generated airports.
  • The Diamond DA40 glass cockpit way-points are now displaying correctly and the Low Voltage indication after checklist item completion has been corrected.
  • The Daher TBM 930 receives the ability to adjust your navigation radios using the G1000 touch screen and checklist issues are fixed, while the issue with the engine not being able to cut-off when putting the throttle in the position has also been corrected.
  • The Airbus A320 has gotten it’s maintenance done, and received vertical speed improvements, which include changing pitch to thrust ratio for a higher  target speed accuracy, and tuning the “hostility” of the autopilot.
  • The Beechcraft Bonanza G36 audio is now synced and corrected and now it is possible to follow the checklist and view the RPM gauge on the display which was displaying incorrectly.
  • The Boeing B747-8i has also underwent several vertical speed improvements. It no longer climbs and descends out of control while the over-speed warning is no longer activated at cruise speed.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator team also commented on the update, saying:

“This update is focused primarily on community feedback, bug fixes, and an overall polish pass.  All planes have received another round of polish and tuning. We continue to triage bugs and reset priorities when needed. You should also find an updated round of polish (on-going) to the world, airports, scenery, and the weather.  We are hard at work focused on community feedback, polish, polish, and more polish. Please keep the feedback coming as we genuinely value the community’s help improving the overall flight-experience!”

Alpha Invites, Alpha 5 and Closed Beta

More alpha invites are being sent out today for the new Alpha 5 build, so make sure check your inbox. The new Alpha build brings a cargo load of new changes, that can be all seen on the blog post, and one exciting bit of information that the developer has shared with the community is that the official release of the Closed Beta is going to be on July 30th 2020.

In the blog post it is mentioned that if you are currently an Alpha tester, you will be automatically granted access to the Closed Beta and if you are not currently an Alpha tester, they will be sending out new invitations for Closed Beta participation. Lastly, the team mentions that the next update will be arriving on July 16th 2020.

Feedback Snapshot

With every new update, comes a new feedback snapshot that is shared with the community, which highlights some of the top issues with the alpha that are on watch and being addressed by the team. Along with the issues, Microsoft also shares what their top questions are regarding the simulator and the community wish list. Everything from the current cycle can be seen in the image below.

Microsoft Flight Simulator July 9th Update - Alpha 5 & Closed Beta

Community Screenshots

When it comes to showcasing the new simulator, the Microsoft team does not shy away from the job. Per usual, they have take the most regarded screenshots from users of the current build and displayed them on the forum for all to see.

Community Videos

Aside from screenshots, few of the community creative geniuses have also provided videos of the current build, soaring the Microsoft Flight Simulator skies in different styles.

That wraps everything up from today’s update. We’ll be sure to keep you posted with any new information regarding the simulator over the next few weeks.

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