Microsoft Flight Simulator – Huge January 16th Update

Microsoft has updated its blog site, as usual, with a huge amount of new information, screenshots…

Posted: 17-Jan-2020 @ 08:43z
Microsoft Flight Simulator – Huge January 16th Update

Microsoft has updated its blog site, as usual, with a huge amount of new information, screenshots and also a brand new episode of their Feature Discovery Series.

Feature Discovery Series (Episode 5): Soundscape

An all-new Feature Discovery Series episode has been released, with the focus being all about the soundscape. This 10-minute video looks really in-depth about how far the development team are going to deliver an exceptional sound environment within the simulator. From using real-world recordings to accurately depict the aircraft’s varying sounds to also how the environment itself will feel alive using sound.

Feature Discovery Series Episode 5: Soundscape

Developer SDK

Perhaps more excitingly for those who are developers reading this, an alpha version of the anticipated SDK will be made available soon to developers. After months of hard work, Microsoft will release the 3rd party development SDK to those who are partners at the same time as the upcoming ALPHA release (more on that in a moment).

The SDK will enable 3rd parties to create and edit scenery, airports, aircraft and missions. The SDK is also confirmed to be the same as the one developers use to make in-sim tools. There will be plenty of time for developers to pass on feedback to ensure that the SDK meets their requirements.

Those of you reading who are 3rd party developers, but not yet been in touch with the team, Microsoft is advising to reach out via this email.

Tech Alpha Information

Going forward, any Tech Alpha information will simply now be known as ALPHA. The reasoning for this is to streamline everything and is more aligned with the actual build state.

As mentioned last week, the invites for Tech Alpha 1 (wave 2) are in progress. Following on from that, new invites will be sent out to those who have been invited to join the ALPHA program. Here’s a reminder of what the invite and testing schedule will look like:

  • 01.20 – Begin sending Alpha invitations.
  • 01.27 – All Alpha invitations sent.
  • 01.27 – Alpha ready for download, begin sending build access emails.
  • 01.31 – All wave 1 Alpha emails sent.

Again, anyone who is in the current Tech Alpha 1 (or the next wave) will automatically be put into any future ALPHA builds.

Development Roadmap Update

A new development roadmap has been shared highlighting what to expect over the next couple of months from the development blog. Next week, we are due to have some brand new media, along with Insiders getting a first look at the latest feedback snapshot.

Following on from that,  there will be a new Feature Discovery Series about Airport in mid-February. At the end of February, episode 7 is due to release with information about IFR flying.

New Previews

From the current team of Tech Alpha 1 testers comes a range of impressive new screenshots. Here they are in their full glory.

That is everything from this update, but expect a new one on January 23rd.

Minor Update: Changed title to remove incorrect year. Sorry about that!

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