Microsoft Flight Simulator Blog Update 12-Dec-2019

Microsoft has updated its Flight Simulator blog with some brand new media and also some…

Posted: 13-Dec-2019 @ 12:51z
Microsoft Flight Simulator Blog Update 12-Dec-2019

Microsoft has updated its Flight Simulator blog with some brand new media and also some additional information on their Partnership Announcement Series. Furthermore, a new insiders roadmap was shared, which includes additional Discovery Series information. 

Starting with the new information from the Partnership Announcement Series, this time, Microsoft spoke to a pilot at Cubcrafters to talk about the XCub. Sebastian, CEO of Asobo Games took to the blog to talk about how the team have been fine-tuning the engine’s power curve and aircraft mass distribution for realistic handling of the aeroplane. Furthermore, the team took the chance to fly the aircraft to compare the dynamics compared to the simulator version. The test pilot who also was involved did multiple take-offs and landings on Rimrock lake, the Tieton State Airport. François, the pilot, said that he was very “happy with […] how close the simws in comparison on his usual flights out of the strip,” specifically highlighting some of the ridges in the area.

Moving onto the Insider Information, a new Development Roadmap was shared, which included information on some new Discovery Series previews. After the success of the first 4, the team now have planned out some additional entries. We can look forward to:

  • Episode 5: Sound Scape
  • Episode 6: Airports
  • Episode 7: IFR

Along with that, we can expect various other media updates and also feedback snapshots. Here’s the full new roadmap as of December 12th 2019.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Blog Update 12-Dec-2019

Finally, the team confirmed that applications for Tech Alpha 2 have now closed. Luckily, it was confirmed that if you didn’t register your interest this time, that a new round of applications will open in Mid-January 2020. The team are actively working on ensuring as many people as possible get added to the alpha testing. As per our video interview with the team, if you are accepted, please do give them feedback to help the simulator get even better.


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