Majestic Software Updates MJC8 Q400 Pro To 1.020b

It has been more than two years than Majestic last updated their wonderful Dash 8…

Posted: 24-Dec-2019 @ 09:06z
Majestic Software Updates MJC8 Q400 Pro To 1.020b

It has been more than two years than Majestic last updated their wonderful Dash 8 Q400 to version 1.020a. This time, the newly released update is for both 32bits and 64bits variant of their PRO Edition ONLY. While no major functionality is added, the update paves the way for the release of their upcoming Training Edition. Majestic  further added that the community could expect a more detailed status update regarding the Training Edition in mid-January.

Several system logics have been improved and fixed, and a general code cleanup took place. It is to be noted that the new UDP interface is a hint at a future home cockpit functionality, which is one of the announced feature of the Training Edition Here is the full change log :


Electrical System

  • EPCU emergency mode logic fixes (contactors K7/K8)
  • Fixed APU logic to prevent flickering of the overhead advisory light

Flight Management System

  • Pilot waypoint problem fixed
  • Navmanager procedures: Corrected the entry type prediction algorithm for the holding


  • When AP on with TCS in operation, autotrim of the autopilot is deactivated


  • Included the network interface for 3rd party developers (UDP Connector 3 in the mjc84.ini file)


  • Fixed the DH/MDA switch (first officer)
  • Fixed CTD caused by the FO gear panel operation.

The team is aware of other bugs which are not corrected in this update. The patch can be obtained through the user account in the User Area of the Majestic Software website. The patch will not be released to third party vendors, it is the only way to access it.

Majestic Team conclude their post by a very fair hail to others developers (without naming them) regarding the recent batch of releases that happened during the months.

If you don’t own it already, the Majestic Dash 8 is available for FSX and P3D (both 32 and 64 bits versions). You can choose between the Pilot Edition and the Pro Edition, the Pro edition having more functionalities. You can find all the details on the Majestic website. Both editions are available on Simmarket. The Pilot Edition costs €40.49 and the Pro Edition costs €60.99

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