Majestic Software Announces Visual Extension Pack

It’s been very quiet around Majestic Software and their Dash-8 Q400, a plane beloved by many. But the team hasn’t been sitting still. Progress has steadily been on-going on the TRAINING edition of the plane, but the team announced it has also been working on some visual enhancements for the plane. The enhancements, that will come in the form of what has been dubbed the “Visual Enhancements Pack 2021“, will include many features that customers have been asking the team for.

The enhancement pack will include PBR materials for the exterior model and the cockpit. It also includes improved cockpit night lighting, improved exterior modelling and textures and True Glass from TFDi Designs. The team has also added simulated cabin seatbelt and smoking indicators, and added wheel chocks, pitot tube and engine intake covers when the plane is parked. The whole feature list of the visual enhancement pack is quite extensive, and can be found at the end of this post.

The Visual Enhancement Pack 2021 will be releasing in the following weeks, during which the team will provide more details regarding pricing and availability.


The team also quickly commented on their efforts in relation to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Though many have been excited to see the Dash-8 Q400 make its way to the new sim, the Majestic Software team shared that the platform is not a priority for them at the moment, and that they have a few other projects planned before going full force into MSFS.


  • Improved realism due to usage of PBR materials for the exterior model and the virtual cockpit
  • Improved visual model smoothness
  • Textures adjustments for better detailing of the airframe elements
  • More realistic modeling of the passenger cabin with seatbelts/no smoking indicators simulated
  • Visible wheel chocks, pitot tube, and the engine intake covers while parked
  • Visible wing supports in a case of damage wheel/landing gear assembly
  • improved resolution of the exterior markings
  • Several improvements of the virtual cockpit markings resolution
  • Improved virtual cockpit night lighting
  • Added simulated reflections on the cockpit controls and switches for the better night visibility
  • Improved landing/approach/taxi lights
  • Integrated True Glass library from TFDi for the realistic precipitation effects on windshield
  • Includes bonus Fly Baboo livery
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