Magnitude 3 2022 Update

Magnitude 3 has given an update on their Corsair, Essex Class carrier and more.

Posted: 11-Jan-2022 @ 19:14z
Magnitude 3 2022 Update

F4U-1D Corsair

Magnitude 3 (previously known as Leatherneck Simulations) has given a development update on several of their new projects for DCS. Starting with the highly anticipated F4U-1D Corsair, which has been in development for several months now. Magnitude 3’s team of artists has been hard at work at revamping the entire cockpit of the plane, recreating it in a more accurate way, including new animations and PBR textures. The team wanted to ensure that everything is up to the standard that users have come to expect from Eagle Dynamics and 3rd party developers. Now, that standard seems to have been met as the team feels fairly certain the plane can go into Early Access soon.

With that being said, Magnitude 3 did confirm that a few items are not quite ready yet and will still need work. These will not impact the gameplay however. These items include things such as a map holder, cable pully system, defrost system and more.

With the introduction of the Corsair, the team also hopes to introduce something else new. The S.W.O.D. 9 Mark 0 bomb, the world’s first “smart bomb”. This smart bomb contained a radar homing system that was intended to track a pre-selected target and provide directional control signals to the bomb’s autopilot, which would in turn fly the bomb to its target using wing-mounted elevons. The team is working together with Eagle Dynamics to get this new smart bomb into the simulator.

Essex Class Aircraft Carrier

Something that cannot miss with an aircraft with the Corsair either, especially with a WW2 version of the Marianas map coming sooner or later, is a good aircraft carrier from this time period. Magnitude 3 has been hard at work on their Essex class aircraft carrier, which seems to be underway quite well. The carrier will feature a lot of different weapon features. It will also feature a damage model, working hangar doors and lifts, and a hangar bay where you can start from or end your missions.

F-8J Crusader

Although the team has been mainly focused on the Corsair, there is another plane that’s slowly making its way towards development. The team is currently making high resolution laser scans of the plane. So far, the cockpit and landing gear have been scanned. These will be used as templates for when the modelling of the plane starts.

Magnitude 3 2022 Update

MiG-21bis & Christen Eagle II

Magnitude 3 has not forgotten about their existing projects, and even sneaked in a few updates to their MiG-21 that weren’t mentioned in the ED changelog. Another fix for the hi-pitched engine that can be heard in the cockpit will soon be available. Furthermore, the team will soon have a roadmap that will detail what will be updated and fixed next.

Magnitude 3 2022 Update
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