Magknight’s 787 for XPL Updated to v1.7.22

A beefy update for the 787 is now available.

Posted: 16-Feb-2022 @ 19:55z
Updated: 23-Mar-2023 @ 21:20z
Magknight’s 787 for XPL Updated to v1.7.22

If you’re on X-Plane and own the Magknight 787, you’ll be pleased to hear that a brand new version for the Dreamliner is now available. Version 1.7.22 brings a wealth of new updates, along with bug fixes and improved features.

Version 1.7.21 was the update that came with the vast majority of the new features and changes, but version 1.7.22 fixed a few minor issues that escaped the big update. Some of these changes were mentioned in our previous post.

In terms of new features, the Magknight 787 update saw new ND range rings added, all-new CDU and navigation display graphics, along with MFD popup screens. Furthermore, the CDU NAV RAD page has been added, as well as SharedFlight support.

In terms of changes, the cockpit textures are now brights, whilst window pillars were redesigned to be accurate. In addition, the CDU time is now ‘real’ Zulu time, whilst fixes to the EFB and overhead panel will make the experience much better overall. The full changelog is quite extensive and covers a range of changes and improvements.

The Magknight 787 can be purchased from the Store for $44.95 USD.

Magknight 787 Update Changelog


  • Added additional landing calc error messages (#674)
  • Added CDU help box
  • Added CDU NAV RAD page
  • Added Custom radio simulation
  • Added MFD screen popups (#649)
  • Added N1 prediction to EICAS
  • Added ND range rings (#655)
  • Added new avitab textures
  • Added new CDU graphics
  • Added new flaps control system for variants
  • Added new ND graphics
  • Added PFD ADF indications
  • Added SharedFlight support for multimouse
  • Added sound to wipers
  • NDs are now moveable


  • CDU time is now “real” zulu
  • Display brightness now set to 50% by default
  • Improved cockpit textures to be brighter
  • Improved error checking for AIRCRAFT CONFIGURATION
  • Improved keyboard entry to MFD displays
  • Improved MFD mouse entry code
  • Improved MFD movement code
  • Improved navigation dataset code
  • Improved PFD artificial horizon colours
  • Improved release workflow to support additional release streams
  • Improved screen dimming code
  • Improved screen glass reflections
  • Improved tablet frame
  • Improved window colour to fit new frames
  • Improved window pillars
  • Increased ND max range to 1280nm
  • Landing calc now uses dispatch values when weight is 0
  • Reduced minimum runway length to 1800m
  • Updated SASL to 3.14.2


  • Fixed automatic EFB QNH inhg/hpa change (#662)
  • Fixed button covers are not transparent (#644)
  • Fixed colour on overhead panel
  • Fixed display bezels
  • Fixed excessive error logging when external plugins not installed
  • Fixed ISFD soft-crashes (#633)
  • Fixed low resolution cockpit panels in Vulkan
  • Fixed ND/minimap drawing related crashes
  • Fixed next waypoint time (#589)
  • Fixed NWS sensitivity changes at 80kts (#625)
  • Fixed PA page taking a long time to index
  • Fixed runway lengths being for inverse runway
  • Fixed some map drawing related crashes
  • Fixed text clipping edge of box on PFD (#665)
  • Fixed vertical speed knob animation (#503)
  • Fixed WXR on at sta…
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