Magknight Updates 787 to Version 1.7

Developer Magknight has updated the 787 to version 1.7. According to the developer, this is…

Posted: 03-May-2021 @ 10:22z
Magknight Updates 787 to Version 1.7

Developer Magknight has updated the 787 to version 1.7. According to the developer, this is the “biggest update since the initial release” and includes a number of improvements to the cockpit, the modelling, fuel systems and much more. Magknight has said that the update can be downloaded through the SkunkCrafts update tool, but they do recommend that you download from the store first as it is likely to be faster.

The new update sees changes throughout the aircraft with many new additions and features that many customers will appreciate. Some of the standout changes with the new version for the modelling and animations include the new cockpit hatch, additional GPU models and toe brake animations. The fuel system has also seen major improvements including automatic fuel jettison, crossfeed and also pump loadsheeding.

Another improvement is the inclusion of a more detailed CPDLC/ACARS system which also integrates with HOPPIE. The new update enables users to get clearance requests for oceanic procedures or pre-departure clearence on the ground at various airports. Furhtermore, you can now use Simbrief to uplink aircraft loadout, configuration and also flightplans.

The team has reconfirmed that the Magknight 787: Aviator’s Edition is compatbile with X-Plane 11.50 and Vulkan. This is a free update and can be downloaded from your original store account or by using the SkunkCrafts update tool. A full changelog is provided to customers, but an abridged version is below for an overview on key changes.

Improved fuselage and cockpit art

  • Screen LCD effect
  • Reduced animation time on most buttons
  • Extra cargo doors
  • Cockpit hatch
  • Additional GPU models
  • New (brighter) external lights
  • Animations for keyboard buttons
  • Window lines, pillar seals and HUD glass changes

Improved fuel system

  • Automatic fuel Jettison
  • Crossfeed
  • Pump loadshedding
  • Better primary pump selection
  • Various small fixes and improvements

Automatic checklists

  • Automatic checklists, defined on a per-livery basis
  • Autocomplete for checklists
  • Standard normal checklists included
  • Integration with cabin announcements


  • Added freetext to various pages
  • Logon, logoff, responses and freetext messages supported
  • Oceanic and CPDLC clearance requests
  • Improved resilience
  • Station status shown on logon/request pages
  • Simbrief uplink for aircraft loadout, configuration and flightplans

Various other feature requests and improvements

  • Toe brake animations
  • Reversers moving the throttles
  • EFB QNH inHg/hPa auto-detect
  • On-the-fly reload of cabin soundpacks
  • Added message info box to COMM
  • STORED VHF improvements
  • EFB error showing when EFB off
  • QNH Pressure range (#511)
  • Gear doors automatically deploy after takeoff
  • Improved NWS control logic
  • Brake temperature simulation
  • GEAR EFIS page
  • Full spoilers command order (#502)
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