Magknight Showcases New 787 FMC, Gear, and Wing Models

Magknight continues development of their Boeing 787-9 for X-Plane; highlighting updated wing and gear models along with custom FMS improvements.

Posted: 04-Feb-2022 @ 16:08z
Magknight Showcases New 787 FMC, Gear, and Wing Models

Over the past few weeks on Discord, Magknight showcased continued development of their 787 with pictures of custom FMC pages along with new gear and wing modeling. Along with improved aircraft models, textures are being upgraded as well and can be seen in some of the new pictures.

Improvements can be seen in the modeling of the gear and wings. A high level of detail can be seen from the various hydraulic lines running from the aircraft to the gear, brake assemblies, and parts of the landing gear extension and retraction system can be seen with a high level of detail. Texturing on the wings have also received a nice upgrade. The resolution of the textures on the engine pylon and leading edge of the wing appear to be in high definition.

Custom FMS work also appears to be progressing, two previews of the NAV RADIO page in the FMS were shared. One of the previews shows an error message and appears to be accurate to how the real 787 FMS handles errors. The pop out windows of the Lower MFD and Left Outboard MFD were also shown in a more recent preview.

None of the above improvements have been released yet and no release date was disclosed. For those users interested in helping Magknight test various features, the development branch of the addon can be downloaded through the SkunkCrafts Updater. The Magknight 787 can be purchased from the Store for $44.95 USD.

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