Magknight B787-9 Aviator Edition Updated to Version 1.30

Developer Magknight has issued a significant update to the B787-9 Aviator Edition. Version 1.3.0 includes…

Posted: 14-Jul-2019 @ 22:15z
Magknight B787-9 Aviator Edition Updated to Version 1.30

Developer Magknight has issued a significant update to the B787-9 Aviator Edition. Version 1.3.0 includes 20 new EICAS messages, new pop-up windows and also a custom automatic engine start system to match it closer to the real aircraft. Further to the additions, a few elements have been changed including some adjustments to the autobrakes and the spoilers. Fixes include some issues with the fuel system, rudder timings and also a fix to the floating FLCH button.

The full changelog is featured below, but you can also find it on the version history tab on the store.

Magknight B787-9 Aviator Edition update 1.3.0 is available now via the store, and will soon be made available by the updater tool, also. If you’re interested in buying the aircraft, you can do so by buying it for $44.95.


  • Options for NWS in the EFB
  • Spoilers now run in cycle from the “spoilers toggle” command
  • New, fully custom automatic engine start system following over 20 conditions
  • 20 new EICAS messages
  • New, full-scale implementation of EICAS
  • Added introduction popup window.
  • Shared barometry option
  • Rudder trim operation
  • Videos for Java installation on Ubuntu/macOS/Windows 10
  • Java helper tool to ensure Java is installed correctly (Windows only)


  • New fuselage NMLs
  • Spoilers deploy further inflight
  • New Java interface, built for stability
  • Engines pitched up slightly
  • Brakes adjusted
  • Autobrakes adjusted
  • Spoilers adjusted
  • New gear operation system


  • FLCH button floating
  • Plane flying a sine wave at low frame rates (<30)
  • NWS issue when BetterPushback is not in use
  • Various fuel system fixes, formatting
  • Hydraulics disabled when using the autopilot
  • Rudder timings adjusted
  • Rudder trim on EICAS display
  • Update of SASL to fix Linux exit issues
  • Gear lever moves more effectively when starting airborne
  • Hydraulics now starts pressurised when starting airborne
  • N1 data edge cases
  • Default settings configs
  • LNAV/VNAV now arms on the ground, rather than engaging
  • More takeoff modes for 50ft and 400ft activation
  • When reversers are deployed autothrottle is disabled
  • PFD indications for VNAV PTH/VNAV SPD/LNAV altered to ensure that the highest priority mode shows
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