Local Legend #1: Junkers JU-52 Updated

A new update for the first local legend addresses a number of issues.

Posted: 25-Mar-2022 @ 13:13z
Local Legend #1: Junkers JU-52 Updated

As mentioned during the Microsoft Flight Simulator developer Live Q&A a few days ago, Local Legend #1: Junkers JU-52 has been updated. The new update addresses a number of issues pointed out in various forums and communities online.

Asobo Studio and Oliver have worked on addressing a number of issues with all variations of the Junkers JU-52. Some examples of those fixes include panel lighting can now be adjusted, tooltips for the elevator trim is now in alignment and various texture issues have been addressed. Some autopilot issues have also been addressed.

Whilst there are a number of fixes, there are a few known issues with the ‘floats’ variant of the Junkers JU-52. This includes the Center Panel light knob not adjusting the panel lights and the default position of the VR camera is a little further back causing clipping.

The update can be obtained right now for those who already own the Junkers JU-52 via the Microsoft Flight Simulator in-sim Marketplace.

As you wait for your download to happen, why not read the rest of the comments from the development team from the latest development Q&A. Or check out our comprehensive review on the Junkers JU-52.

Junkers JU-52 Changelog


  • Standard / Floats / Skis
    • The autopilot will continue to maintain heading after switching to External view.
    • The near / far needle on the Zielflug Gekoppelt gauge is now centered when a VOR station is not being received.
    • The tooltip for the engine starters and their covers have been updated to indicate “On” / “Off” and “Open” / Close, respectively.
  • Floats / Skis
    • The panel lights can now be adjusted using with the Center Panel Light knob.
  • Retrofit
    • The z-fighting of the wobble pump cover has been addressed.
    • The tooltip for the CDI and Heading Bug on the copilot’s HSI now alignment with the instrument.
  • All
    • The tooltip for the Elevator Trim and Hohen-Flosse gauge are now always in alignment.
    • The tailwheel has been adjusted so that it’s less likely to float above the ground when the aircraft is on the surface.
    • “Zu” and “Auf” now fit within their space on the passenger cabin doors.
    • Breaks between the control surfaces and their connecting rods have been addressed.
    • The landing struts below the aircraft becoming broken / fractured when airborne have been addressed.
    • Floating screw textures have been attached to their appropriate surfaces.
    • Camera collision has been improved within the cockpit and passenger cabin to prevent unwanted clipping.
    • Texture seams around the passenger cabin doors have been addressed.


  • Floats
    • Wake effects are not visible on the water when using Livery 1 and Livery 2.
    • The Center Panel Light knob in Livery 1 and Livery 2 does not adjust the panel lights.
    • The default position of the VR camera is a little further back in the seat compared to the other variants.  This can cause the camera to clip into the wall when looking around.
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