Listen to the Aerosoft A330 for MSFS Engines

Take a listen to those Rolls Royce Trent 700 engines do their thing.

Posted: 29-Apr-2023 @ 11:23z

With the Aerosoft A330 now being beta tested (despite not being done in a traditional manner), some new footage and clips are appearing online of the awaited Airbus aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

A key component of any aircraft is the sound package that is included. It can easily make or break an experience, and so, it has to be done right. It’s reasonable to believe that as part of the beta testing process, the sounds used with the product are being listened to over and over again to get a sense of whether things are as they should be. One of the clips has now appeared online showing the engines spooling up for the Aerosoft A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

In the video, we are treated to both an internal and external listen of the Rolls Royce Trent 700 engines. Both clips are for the engines starting up. It is worth noting that the aircraft is still being developed and the usual WIP caveat is applied.

Comments from the YouTube video suggest that some unique elements of the A330’s engines are missing, such as the iconic ‘howl’ that is commonly heard during the sequence. Some commentators are suggesting the sounds are a little underwhelming, but some are saying they understand it’s a work-in-progreas with an understanding it may improve as work continues. People on the Aerosoft forums are also saying they are fond of them and have listened to it on repeat. Likewise, it is good to note that the context of the throttles, engine RPM and other factors can’t be known from the video to give a proper indication of how the sounds will be in the final product.

On the forums, Mathijs Kok also gave a few thoughts regarding sounds in the A330. He said, “when I put it through my main system which has a tube amp and subwoofers and a much better DAC it sounded very good. The increase in power had the correct frequency changes as parts of the airframe started to resonate.”

A second video was also shown on the forums with a feature that decreases the volume of the sounds, as though it is simulating a pilot wearing a Bose A20 Aviation Headset.

Kok continued, “The issue is that 99.9% of our customers have never been on a flight deck wearing these so they have no frame of reference. I am just telling you that this is as close to what a real pilot hears as you probably will get. That is why our main flight deck sounds are as youtube videos make them sound, and leave you the choice.”

He said to watch the video below with the same sound settings and you’ll hear the difference in volume.

As usual, we’ll keep following development of the Aerosoft A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator and be sure to report you any new information. For now, check out the latest previews and find out when the estimated release of the aircraft may be.

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