Laminar Research Shares Upcoming A330 In X-Plane Next Generation Preview

05 Jul 2021 08:45z

Laminar Research continues to showcase what the future of X-Plane will look like. Their last next-generation preview focused on the new lighting engine, but this one showcases an all-new aircraft coming to the next generation of X-Plane. This time, Laminar Research has showcased its first fleet preview.

As per their YouTube video description, the “team of artists have been working to create new additions to the X-Plane fleet.” The 30-second preview showed us a glimpse of what to expect with an all-new A330 coming to the platform. The video gave us a look at a highly detailed cockpit and realistic looking exterior model, complete with animations.

Whilst the video gave us a quick look at the new aircraft, we also had another at the next-generation lighting engine.

At this time, Laminar Research has not shared any indication if this technology will be part of X-Plane 11 or will be for an entirely new platform, which presumably would be called X-Plane 12. We expect plenty more information to come in the future for the future of the platform.

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