Laminar Research Releases X-Plane 11.40 RC1

Following on from various beta tests, Laminar Research has sent out the first Release Candidate for X-Plane…

Posted: 26-Oct-2019 @ 10:19z
Laminar Research Releases X-Plane 11.40 RC1

Following on from various beta tests, Laminar Research has sent out the first Release Candidate for X-Plane 11.40. Version 11.40 focuses on bringing new features in for the aerodynamics engine built into the simulator.

Based on our previous article, below are what the new flight model focuses on.

Flight Model Focuses

  • Wake turbulence – more in-depth and sophisticated wake turbulence system that will include effects off wing-tips.
  • Change in the angle of air velocity – velocity of the prop = being able to find the force of the velocity and applying that to the model.
  • Wash spiral – better propwash effects, airflow will move more dynamically with the aircraft.
  • End plate effect – an end plate on a lifting surface (during a yaw maneuver) reduces tip vortex formation, meaning less lifting area is needed to produce the same lift force.
  • Wash across a propeller disc – when a propeller accelerates upwards, air travels faster with the propeller versus decelerating propeller downwards.
  • Delay wash – the difference in time between the time leaving the main wing and hitting the horizonal stabilizer/rear wing (if applicable).
  • Area rule – design technique used to reduce an aircrafts drag at transonic and supersonic speeds.
  • Wave shape – shape of waves and their independent effects on the aircraft.

Many of these details were also spoken about during the presentation given by the team during Flight Sim Show 2019.

The new version builds on the previous beta versions with all new datarefs for developers, tweaks to the AI landing and interaction with air traffic control and also other fixes for sounds.

You can also find a recent video from Austin Meyer (above), where he talks about 10 additional flight model changes in X-Plane 11.40 beyond what’s stated above. Down wash, Body shadowing, and Transonic coefficients have been improved, and you can find out exactly how in the technical video from Austin.

The brand new release candidate version is now available to download via the Laminar Research website, and will soon be available via Steam.

X-Plane 11.40 RC 1 Change Log

  • New datarefs:
    • XPD-10269 GPU yime for debugging.
    • XPD-10347 Wing stalls.
    • XPD-10350 Access to 3-d proj matrix from 2-d UI call.
  • Tweaks to AI landings & interaction with ATC.
  • XPD-8169 DELTA and ABS DELTA replay properly in .snd files.
  • XPD-8754 Replay recreates wheel impact sounds.
  • XPD-10225 Critical altitude for electric motors.
  • XPD-10325 Replay recreates APU N1 for sound.
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