JustFlight Previews Vulcan Manual Ahead of Release Tomorrow

Aircraft developer JustFlight has published the user Operations Manual for the Avro Vulcan to whet…

Posted: 16-Apr-2020 @ 19:50z
Updated: 04-Apr-2023 @ 14:25z
JustFlight Previews Vulcan Manual Ahead of Release Tomorrow

Aircraft developer JustFlight has published the user Operations Manual for the Avro Vulcan to whet the appetite, ahead of its release for X-Plane, tomorrow.

The Avro Vulcan was a heavy bomber used by the Royal Air Force between the 1950s and the 1980s where it was on readiness state to drop armaments both heavy and nuclear throughout the Cold war but the only time the aircraft saw wartime action was during the Falkland War in 1982, where it flew its longest return mission of 3,889 miles, from the island of Ascension to drop heavy bombs onto the Falkland Islands, destroying runway infrastructure at Stanley.

JustFlight announced that their rendition of the Bomber will be released tomorrow, 17th April 2020, along with a sneak peek at the aircraft’s Operations Manual. The manual contains lots of information about the aircraft including specifications, a little history and a detailed list of the liveries and models that come with the download. The manual also goes to great depths to show you what each system does, including electrical, pressurisation and engines, along with flying procedures and a tutorial flight to get you on your way. The aircraft is as complex as you like but has the ability to jump in and fly, with quick startup options too.

Alongside the release of the Operations Manual, JustFlight has also released a teaser video showcasing the Vulcan’s detailed panels, lighting and animations. The video also highlights the awesome sounds of the Olympus 301 engines that ‘howl’ at approximately 90% power.

In a comment on one of their Facebook posts, JustFlight confirms that the Vulcan is Vulkan ready and has been proven to work during performance tests with the latest Betas from Laminar Research. 

Keep your eyes out for the release of the Vulcan for X-Plane tomorrow here at FSElite, and over on the JustFlight’s Vulcan product page. 

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