Just Flight Shares More Avro Vulcan Details

Just Flight has shared more details on their upcoming Avro Vulcan.

Just Flight has shared more details on their upcoming Avro Vulcan for MSFS. The announcement of the plane was made back in February, together with some previews. The company also shared some details on the models that will be included in their Vulcan package, but other than that, we were left guessing as to what we’ll be able to fly in our sim.

That has changed now, after the company has published a product page that gives more specifications as well as features. The variants of the aircraft that will be modelled (Avro Vulcan B Mk. 2, K.2 and MRR) will all feature realistic payloads, including bombs and bomb bay tanks. You will be operate the plane from both the captain as well as the co-pilot position, with hundreds of functional switches, knobs and controls at your disposal. The aircraft will also feature custom systems to make this plane truly fly like a real Vulcan. The custom systems include the electrical, fuel and engine system. Last but not least, both TACAN and VOR navigation will be included.

As for the presentation of the plane, it will include high quality modelling, complemented with high resolution (8k) textures. The textures will have appropriate wear and tear for immersion. Liveries will cover paint schemes from the real aircraft’s RAF service time. A 3D Wwise sound pack will also be included.

It is not yet known when Just Flight will be releasing their Avro Vulcan, as the company has not yet shared a release date or window. However, the company has previously stated that they are also focused on their other aircraft, such as the upcoming Fokker F28, Avro RJ and Tomahawk. Just Flight’s Avro Vulcan will also be coming to the Xbox.

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