Just Flight Releases 146 Professional for XP

Following the original release of their BAe 146 Professional series for Prepar3D some months ago,…

Posted: 28-Apr-2021 @ 20:44z
Updated: 04-Apr-2023 @ 14:32z
Just Flight Releases 146 Professional for XP

Following the original release of their BAe 146 Professional series for Prepar3D some months ago, Just Flight recently released its virtual replication of this iconic four-engined British jetliner for XP11 users to enjoy.

Originally introduced to the world by British aircraft manufacturer Hawker Siddley as the HS146 series, the BAe 146 was meant to fill the then existing gap between the turboprop HS748 and other larger regional jets as the BAC One-Eleven and the Boeing 737. Although the program encountered numerous hurdles during distinct stages of development, including the 1973 oil crisis that led to the temporary halting of the project, the aircraft’s story was eventually relaunched by Hawker Siddley’s corporate successor, British Aerospace, and saw its first flight on the 3rd of September, 1981.

In addition to being only one of a handful of narrow-body, regional aircraft that feature more than two engines, the BAe 146 has numerous other quirks that have made it a curiosity the world over, even before its ever-intensifying retirement. Two such features include the lack of thrust reversers and the possession of a “clamshell” airbrake, used by pilots to slow the plane down on approach and after landing.

Renowned developer Just Flight has, after the release of the aircraft for Prepar3D, recently launched its version of this iconic British piece of engineering for X-Plane users to try their hands on. The plane, so the developer, has been developed in part by engaging in “comprehensive, hands-on research with the real-life aircraft” and includes an accurate and highly detailed rendition of 8 distinct versions of the real-life airframe, including the BAe 146-100/-200/-300 variants, to name just a few. In addition to coming included with many aircraft-distinctive animations, the product also features an entirely accurate 3D representation of the BAe 146’s cockpit, including over 200 buttons; knobs; and switches, custom throttle lever logic, as well as a functional EFB.

Finally, the aircraft’s exterior also underwent a highly detailed modeling process and comes included with the application of PBR materials, 4K textures, and more than 30 liveries that allow you to fly the BAe 146 all over the world if you so choose.

The Just Flight BAe 146 Professional series is now available for purchase from the Just Flight online store and will cost you €69.95, dependent upon your region of purchase.

Feature List

  • Eight variants of the 146 are included:
    • 146-100
    • 146-200
    • 146-300
    • 146-200 QC & QT (cargo)
    • 146-300 QT (cargo)
    • CC.Mk2 (RAF VIP configuration with countermeasure pods)
    • C.Mk3 (RAF cargo configuration with countermeasure pods)
  • Numerous custom animations including:
    • Trailing edge flap surfaces
    • Wing-mounted spoilers and tail-mounted airbrake
    • Ailerons and elevators feature servo tabs, and balanced, free-floating control surfaces
    • All passenger, service and cargo doors
    • Windscreen wipers with individual left/right animations and independent speed controls
    • Distinctive retractable tricycle landing gear featuring complex trailing link shock-absorbing mechanism
    • Countermeasure pods
  • 3D cockpit environment right down to accurately modelled seat belts and screw heads
  • Cockpit textures feature wear and tear
  • Captain, Co-pilot and jump-seat positions are modelled with hundreds of functional controls, including over 200 buttons, 100 switches and knobs
  • Fully VR compatible
  • Aircraft configuration system that will allow you to choose between ‘cold & dark’ or ‘engines running’
  • Custom throttle lever logic
  • Functional crank handles on knobs
  • Full support for command assignments, hardware and cockpit builders
  • EFB tablet with door and call-out controls and with AviTab support
  • Physical Based Rendering (PBR) materials
  • 4096×4096 texture resolution
  • Authentic labelling and placards
  • 34 liveries plus one default (blank) livery are included
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