Just Flight Issues Major PA-28-161 Warrior Update

Developer Just Flight has issued a big and significant update to their PA-28-161 Warrior II.…

Posted: 04-Apr-2023 @ 17:44z
Just Flight Issues Major PA-28-161 Warrior Update

Developer Just Flight has issued a big and significant update to their PA-28-161 Warrior II. Most significantly, the update adds compatibility with Sim Update 12 and with that, Xbox compatibility. Those on Xbox can now obtain the aircraft through the in-sim marketplace.

Even for those not on Xbox, this update hold something significant. From compatibility with the latest versions of Working Title’s GNS, PMS-50 and GTNXi, to upgraded EFB functionality with Simbrief integration, a notepad, interactive checklists and Navigraph chart viewer, this update is packed with new features. There are a lot more smaller features and improvements included in the v0.3.6 update, so make sure to check out the changelog below.

Just Flight’s PA-28-161 Warrior II is available for €37,95.


  • SU12 compatibility
  • Xbox compatibility (Marketplace only)
  • Latest TDS GTNXi models/textures added
  • Compatibility with latest versions of Working Title GNS, PMS-50 GTN and TDS GTNXi (including new autopilot logic)
  • EFB functionality upgrades:
    • Import your SimBrief flight and view a summary or scrollable full OFP
    • Monitor your position in real time using a map view with tracking, zoom and pan options
    • Explore and view your Navigraph charts, with automatic selection of departure and arrival airports based on your SimBrief OFP, and ability to favourite charts for quick reference
    • Use a notepad for making notes during the flight, particularly useful for noting down clearances and taxi instructions
    • Interactive checklists, in addition to the existing MSFS checklist support
    • A top-of-descent calculator with the option to manually input altitudes, speeds and descent requirements or to have those sync’d from the sim
    • An on-screen/virtual keyboard, especially useful for VR users
    • METARs for your SimBrief OFP departure, arrival and alternate airports
  • Animations and cockpit interactions updated for compatibility with LOCK interaction mode and Xbox
  • – Flight model updates (greater pitch stability and better ground handling)
  • Trim sensitivity slider added to EFB, allowing you to fine tune the sensitivity of the pitch trim
  • Improved spark plug fouling simulation
  • Vertical speed hold hidden clickspot added to autopilot panel – with altitude hold engaged, clicking on the vertical speed clickspot will engage vertical speed hold mode, holding the vertical speed that existed at the point of engagement
  • Dynamic baggage added – a variety of baggage will appear in the baggage compartment, depending on the selected payload weight
  • Smoother cockpit pushbutton animations
  • GNS 530/430 screens resized to prevent edge clipping
  • Support added for SET ELECTRICAL FUEL PUMP 1 control assignment
  • Throttle quadrant cursor icons (hand/grab) updated to make it easier to see when your cursor is moving between levers
  • Improved look for illuminated lights/annunciators
  • Instrument camera preset names fixed, additional presets added for passenger and baggage views
  • Interactive points added for improved ambient sounds in cockpit with doors open
  • Manuals updated
  • TDS GTNXi Smart Glide compatibility added
  • EFB up/down rotation clickspots added to bezel
  • Gap around NAV 1 OBI – fixed
  • Wing fuel tank cap positions fixed
  • Primer knob sound fixed
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