Just Flight Hawk T1/A Trainer for MSFS Previews, Video Tutorials and More Info

07 Oct 2021 10:52z

The Hawk T1/A Trainer for Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to speed along in development and Just Flight is sharing even more previews of the bird in action. The military add-on for the new flight simulator has been developed in-house after having extensive hands-on time with a real-life Hawk T1/A that was used in the RAF. The aircraft is incredibly popular across other platforms and Just Flight says that this will be the best version of the plane yet. In fact, Just Flight say this is even a step-up from the original development on other platforms.

To help people get accustomed to the aircraft, Just Flight has started creating a number of tutorial videos. So far, six tutorial videos have been shared by Just Flight, including how to set up the onboard EFB, an overview of the hydraulic system and also how to operate the radios. You can see all of the videos so far released over on the Just Flight YouTube page.

Whilst the team continue to refine the flight model and the last few bugs, Just Flight has also given us a number of new images to share with the community for this famous bird. As you can see below, the aircraft will come with a number of liveries and comes with highly detailed 3D modelling.

Just Flight confirmed to us that a release is very close. No exact details were shared at this time, but rest assured you’ll be able to fly this iconic aircraft very soon.

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