JetStream Designs Nantes: The FSElite Review

02 Jan 2018 00:00z

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Nantes Atlantique Airport is an international airport serving the northwestern French city of Nantes, located 8 miles southwest of the city itself in the town of Bouguenais. Serving 4.8 million passengers a year, numerous different airlines fly into the airport serving various destinations across Europe, Africa and North America. This provides great variety for the casual simmer who enjoys variety in their flying. This scenery has been developed by JetStream Designs, the same developers that brought us sceneries such as Palermo and Milan Linate. To find out our opinion on one of their other products, why not check out our review for Milan Linate?

JetStream Designs Nantes was in development for quite some time, with high anticipation for this product due to the high quality of the previous products from JetStream Designs. With various teasers released over the course of 2017, the excitement and anticipation for this product only grew further, with preliminary screenshots already looking excellent. Personally I was particularly looking forward to the release of this product, being a big fan of European flying this product opened up a huge number of routes, whether that be one of the short flights to the UK or something further afield to destinations such as Agadir in central Morocco. Either way this scenery was perfect for the kind of flying I enjoy, thus meaning I couldn’t wait for it to release.

Installation and Configuration

First things first with any product is installation – JetStream Designs uses an easy to use installer that makes the process quick and easy. Although, when running the installer, for some reason it did not automatically place it into my scenery library which meant I had to manually add it myself. I was unsure whether this was a problem with the installer or just my sim, most likely the latter. Once the product has installed, you will be greeted with a configuration tool, allowing you to select and deselect various aspects of the scenery – whether that be dynamic lighting or SODE jetways. The configuration tool used is based off of 29Palm’s configuration tool which is seen in many products today and is very simple to use. Turning off options within the tool allows you to help boost performance (although performance is in no means bad in this scenery).

Texturing and Modelling

As expected from JetStream Designs, the texturing and modelling of Nantes Atlantique is excellent, providing a very immersive experience. The scenery is integrated into P3D v3 and v4 using their respective SDKs, allowing them to work faultlessly within each simulator. This means there is no texture flickering or any other issues that come with not properly utilizing the correct SDK. More and more developers are beginning to use the SDK which is great to see as it really helps. Throughout this whole scenery, I was amazed by the quality of texturing and modelling, whether it be the abandoned castle that sits just outside the airport perimeter fence or right down to advertisement boards within the terminal building. Everywhere you look you will be very impressed with what surrounds you; the ability of scenery developers seems only to advance with each scenery that is created. This scenery is a perfect example of exactly what JetStream Designs is capable of doing, which is creating an excellent quality product for the community to enjoy.

Night Lighting

As mentioned in the previous section, this scenery has been created using the full P3D v3 and v4 SDKs. This means that all features native to each sim will be available within this scenery. For P3D v3 this does not mean too much and I am unable to comment on the night lighting in this simulator. My main simulator is now P3D v4, and has been for quite some time, so I no longer have it installed in my system. If you have experience with this product in P3D v3, I welcome your feedback about the night environment. However, having flown into this scenery at night in P3D v4 I can confirm that it is just as good at night as it is during the day. The product takes full advantage of dynamic lighting, adding further to the great immersion which is felt when flying into this airport. Although dynamic lighting does of course have its flaws, when it works well, it works very well. Luckily, on this occasion, it has been implemented with skill.


The performance at this airport is pretty good, although I should bear in mind that I’ve only flown into this airport with the FSLabs A320, which is known to be pretty harsh on FPS. However, the FPS seemed perfectly standard and I did not think there were any considerable problems with it. As mentioned earlier, I do not use P3D v3 anymore (or FSX for that matter) so I am unable to comment on VAS usage with this scenery. However, I imagine it wouldn’t be too high – once again, please don’t hesitate to let me know what the VAS is like using this scenery. In other aircraft, I believe this the performance at this airport would be excellent, such as the Majestic Dash 8 or PMDG 737.


JetStream Designs’ Nantes £16.93 excluding VAT, and I think it’s safe to say that this is a very reasonable price for what is a truly excellent scenery. Compared to other scenery packages of similar size and from other developers, this product is priced perfectly for what you get: an accurate and detailed simulation of the third busiest airport found in Western France. It’s so often the case nowadays that sceneries are over priced and not worth their high value, and it’s nice to see the opposite here.


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