IXEG Previews 737 v1.32 Update

Jan Vogel of IXEG, has taken to his YouTube channel to preview their upcoming IXEG 737…

Posted: 10-Jul-2020 @ 10:00z
IXEG Previews 737 v1.32 Update

Jan Vogel of IXEG, has taken to his YouTube channel to preview their upcoming IXEG 737 v1.32 update, set to be out to the community in a few short days. The showcase of the upcoming update was for the community to see a full perspective of what they can expect from the update and how the aircraft would perform.

In the video, many bugs were addressed, such as the FMS and N, S, E, W keys on the keypad interacting incorrectly and the inverted scroll wheel for up and down actions. In the current version of the aircraft, it mistook these keys for compass headings and you could not enter way-points starting or ending with the letters.

The next view provided is of a fix to an issue with the IRS selectors in VR and the audio portion of the 737. The developers have increased the volumes for the radio panels, including NAVAID IDs and Markers. In the video, Vogel also showcased the new and improved bits of the FMS, such as the manual placement of way-points into the FMS and providing improvements in the route LEGS page.

Aside from all the bug fixes, a co-routing folder has been added to the new update. In the past, the folder missing caused numerous crashes as the system was unable to see/recognize the folder and was creating it on the spot. Co-routes only contain en-route information, compared to SIDs, STARs and approaches.

Jan Vogel’s video may be viewed in detail below, with all the appropriate commentary:

IXEG 737-300 Update 1.32 preview

Out of the many things addressed, holding patterns and the VNAV system were not in the spotlight for this update. Even though they were not addressed in this update, Vogel mentioned that:

“This is not a VNAV rewrite yet – that is going to come – we laid the groundwork for that in this update, but what really happened here is we started getting the FMS more stable, we want you to be able to swap and change procedures, and of course we also finalized and completed the entry of pilot created way-points.”

Furthermore, in his video, Vogel takes a look at the new improved the particle system for the aircraft such as the new tire skidding, tire water-spray and touchdown effects. The new engine inlet condensation, APU heat-blur and fire/damage effects, engine spray over wet surfaces and flap vertices were also showcased in detail.

If you are interested in purchasing the IXEG 737, it is available on the X-Aviation Store for $74.95 USD. The IXEG 737 is currently compatible with Vulkan and Metal.

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