IVAO Future Software Close To Release

IVAO Public Relations Director Fares Belkhiria has posted a statement on Virtual Sky, IVAO’s magazine,…

Posted: 16-Dec-2019 @ 18:35z
IVAO Future Software Close To Release

IVAO Public Relations Director Fares Belkhiria has posted a statement on Virtual Sky, IVAO’s magazine, regarding the release date of the three upcoming software of the multiplayer network. The three software are ATC Client Aurora, Pilot Client Altitude and Connector Artifice. The three softwares will be showcased next week-end (see details below) on the Youtube Channel of IVAO and released thereafter.

Aurora has been in the works for several months. The rendition of the software, led by several real world controllers, is designed to closely match real life depiction of airport and enroute sectors. The process of updating sector files has also been cleaned up, with data being stored on the server rather than on the controllers PC, which was the case until now. The release of Aurora will also allow IVAO staff and ATC to move on after the downturn of the IVAC v2 client. The IVAC v2 client was developed by an external company, and the contract quickly showed its limits, the IVAO teams not having access to the original code. This limited the further expansion of the product, and some of the bugs not solved, led several divisions of IVAO recommending not using the software, ultimately leading to its dismissal of the software by most virtual controllers.

On the left, the real ATC display of Zurich Airport, on the right is Aurora depiction.

After being plagued by outdated software for more than a decade (the current IVAP client was first released for FS2002), it seems that FSX and P3D pilots will finally see the end of the tunnel with the release of Altitude. The new client is a standalone interface that can be run outside the simulator, easing very much the work for those who have set up another computer to use external software. Altitude now allows for reception on two frequencies at a time and is compatible with 4k displays. The client includes a Datalink ATIS as well, and allows for a semi automated UNICOM “by the click” interface that allows pilots to generate their text UNICOM message instead of having to type long and often non-standardized messages. This option is inspired by the popular EasyUNICOM unofficial software. As you can see in the pictures below, the Altitude has a brand new interface. Judging by the screenshots provided, the software will be compatible with X-Plane.

Along with these new Pilots and ATC clients, IVAO is developing a web based flight planning tool. This will allow users to save and use their previously filed flight plans. This will allow pilots to file in advance flightplans and help ATC schedule their traffic, just like a real world flightplan actually does. Some screenshots display the use of the online flightplan form in use on the EFB of the FlightFactor A320 for X-Plane.

To finish, Artifice is an updated version of IVAi that will allow ATC to use their simulator as a tower view when controlling. The use of this software is important so that ATC are not connected as both pilots and ATC on the network, which is expressively forbidden by IVAO Rules and Regulations and is a technique used by some to increase their flight hours without actually flying.

The release of this new software as public beta will happen at the end of the showcasing streams that have been announced for the Saturday 21st December 2019 at 1830Z for the ATC Client and Sunday 22nd December at 1830z for the Pilot client.

One last big expectation from IVAO members a new voice codec. While it is confirmed to be on the to-do list of the Devops team, it has not been showcased at all so far. The Teamspeak 2 IVAO client is clearly outdated and unrealistic. This has been a major point taken by VATSIM with the release of New Audio for VATSIM last October, literally giving a much needed fresh breathe of air to the network.

Be sure to stay tuned to FSElite for further information regarding the future IVAO software.

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