It’s Been a Bit Turbulent

23 Nov 2021 22:03z

Calum here with a bit of an update on what has been happening behind the scenes.

One Saturday, we moved across our new site to the current domain name. At first, things were mostly working. There were some issues with registration, but otherwise, things were fairly stable. However, on Sunday night/Monday morning, things went a bit wrong.

Long story short, we’ve had some issues with our caching system, which then turned into more serious issues with our hosting and also our SSL certificate. We’ve fixed most of those issues, but we still have some teething issues present.

Suffice to say, it’s been a bit of a turbulent launch since Saturday.

I’ve worked around 20 hours since Sunday afternoon to try and fix things, but I’m still finding it a challenge. We knew that the changes we were introducing would be resource-intense, but the sheer number of you registering was beyond our wildest expectations and that results in some hiccups.

I am still continuing to work through the issues and develop a stable website for everyone. This has obviously had a knock on effect for our coverage, and I hope that you all can understand this.

Once we’re back up to speed, I’ll fill you in on the Launch Party, some behind the scenes, some overdue reviews and also some cool interviews. We also have plenty more prizes to give away as part of our launch celebrations, but that seems a little wrong to do whilst the site feels a little under the weather.

Rest assured, this isn’t the new norm for us, but some teething issues that we are now working on.

Thanks for your understanding.


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