iniSimulations Provides Update Info for the Future of A300-600R(F)

08 Jul 2021 21:41z

Whilst there appears to be a lot of focus on the upcoming release of the iniSimulations A310 for X-Plane 11, the team hasn’t forgotten its past products either. Taking to the forums, Ubaid discusses what the future of the A300-600R(F) looks like for the team and what customers can expect from future updates.

He began by outlining that there are 6 key areas that the team are working on for the future of the product. During the development of the Beluga and the A310, the team has taken a lot of the feedback and lessons on board to refine their development skills in order to complete a lot of this work to a high standard.

The first of those areas is the 3D modelling work and texturing. The team will begin creating a brand new 3D cabin and also improve the exterior of the aircraft. This work will pave way for a public paintkit, whilst also ensuring that the modelling is up to the same standard as their other aircraft releases. In addition, the cockpit will also see refinement and new features such as the standby compass and IDC/RMP radio units, which will all be optional cockpit extras.

Following on from the modelling, Ubaid said that the team was able to refine the flight model for the aircraft. The new methodology the team used for the Beluga and the A310 will be moved across to the A300 in the future. This will mean your aircraft will fly even better than it did before. This will come in handy as in the future failures will be included with the A300. Despite the original aim to provide an ON THE LINE experience, the team have been able to incorporate more than 70 failures into the future of the A300. This will give you an even greater challenge when flying the bird.

The next area iniSimulations are improving their products is with CDPLC/ACARS integration within X-Plane. Again, this tech comes from the Beluga and upcoming A310 but will be released in an update for the A300 in the future. Continuing with the new features coming, iniSimulations will be bringing an improved sound package, along with refinements for many of the aircraft’s systems. Finally, the team will be also improving the CGCC system and wingflex for the aircraft. All-in-all, there is still plenty to come from the iniSimulations team for their A300-600R(F).

Whilst these plethora of updates sounds extensive, the team are committed to providing all of these updates free of charge to current customers. So whilst the attention is firmly on releasing the A310 right now, once it’s out the door, attention will be back on bringing the A300 up to speed.

If you want to fly the A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE now, you can do so by buying it from their store for £69.99. It’s already a great aircraft for X-Plane 11. It’s also worth pointing out that customers of the A300 will get 35% off the A310 when it releases. If you haven’t checked it out already, go ahead and watch the trailer for the A310.

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