iniSimulations A310-300 Receives a Small Update to V1.11

26 Sep 2021 15:25z

A new update for the A310-300 ON THE LINE by iniSimulations was released on Friday. The update is more of a service patch than anything as it includes a number of fixes and improvements based on feedback from the community.

Some of the fixes include a fix to the engine fire loop test, a fix for the winds now showing in F-PLN and also various marker/beacon sounds. Some improvements have also been made to the weather request logic for CPDLC along with improvements to TCAS.

You can get the new build from your iniSimulations account. You will need to uninstall the older version first.

If you don’t already own the iniSimulations A310-300 ON THE LINE, you can pick up a copy from their store for £69.99 (plus VAT).


  • Fixed Engine Fire Loop Test
  • Fixed ECAM Engine shutdown logic, now shows gear temps after shutdown if hot
  • Improved WXR Request CPDLC logic
  • Improved EFOB CDU discrepancy
  • Fixed winds not showing in F-PLN
  • Resolved reverse thrust deployment logic in-flight
  • Added VHF 1 comm transfer logic
  • Fixed Marker/Beacon sounds
  • Fixed hydraulic power logic regarding reverse thrust doors
  • Fixed DME bug on co-pilot side
  • Fixed Load in probe heat animation
  • Improved TCAS, now displays AI Traffic correctly

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