iniBuilds Updates John F Kennedy Airport

A handful of fixes have been included with this new update for iniBuilds’ John F Kennedy Intl Airport.

iniBuilds Updates John F Kennedy Airport

iniBuilds has updated their John F Kennedy Airport (KJFK) to version 1.0.1. The new version mostly focuses on fixing issues that were found with the product following it’s original release.

The fixes include a number of changes at terminal 8 with jetways not moving or gaps at specific locations. Furthermore, there has been some changes to a handful of gates that now allow them to reach parked aircraft. In addition, runway 13L/31R saw a bump flattened to make it more in-keeping with the real-world runway. You can see the full changelog here.

iniBuilds are also conscious that some users have experienced low frame rates with the airport product. As such, they have put together a few suggestions in order to help you get the best performance from the airport as possible. The forum post suggests removing the default Asobo JFK Airport, along with deleting your rolling cache. You can view the forum topic here for suggestions. Of course, there are also options within the iniManager that can be toggled to give you better performance.

The update can be obtained through the iniManager right now. If you want to learn more about John F Kennedy Airport from iniBuilds, check out our exclusive interview with the team. If you are looking to pick up the airport, you can do so from their store for £19.99 (excluding taxes).


  • Fixed T8 G1 jetway not moving.
  • Fixed T8 G31A jetway gap.
  • Fixed T1 G10 jetway clipping through connector.
  • Fixed T5 G9 clipping default A320neo when retracted.
  • Fixed T1 G9 jetway being too close to parking position.
  • Fixed stand A79A and N parking 5F directions.
  • Fixed bump on taxiway B between DA and DB.
  • Fixed T1 AI traffic levels.
  • Flattened bump in runway at DB intersection.
  • Gates 9-17 now reaching parked aircraft.
  • Flattened bump in 13L/31R.
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