iniBuilds Updates iniManager to v2

A new build of the iniManager makes downloading and updating products even easier.

Posted: 25-Oct-2022 @ 21:19z
iniBuilds Updates iniManager to v2

The team at iniBuilds has made installing and buying products from their catalog a lot easier, with the newly released update for their manager. The new iniManager v2 includes a number of features and functions that makes the whole experience vastly improved and easier. This is for buying new products, managing updates, and downloading liveries.

One of the biggest changes with the new version is the inclusion of the new ‘World View’, which allows you to see all the airports in your collection on a visual map. Another way iniBuilds has made the process easier is by allowing you to buy products directly within the app itself. Liveries can now also be installed via the new application, rather than visiting the forums for them.

Another new feature is native support for X-Plane 12. Prepar3D support is also included and is ready for when iniBuilds adds new P3D products to its store.

The iniManager is free to download and will connect seamlessly to your current iniBuilds account. You can download iniManager v2 from their website.


  • A new way to discover sceneries, called “World view”, which allows you to see all of the airports available from the iniBuilds Store on a visual map.
  • In-app purchasing: Purchase and install your products in one place, removing the need to visit the iniBuilds Store in your web browser. You can now purchase all products directly through the iniManager.
  • MSFS liveries installation: You no longer need to visit the iniBuilds Forum to download liveries, the iniManager v2 now features MSFS livery installation directly into the Community folder.
  • Pilot support page: A lightweight tool that puts all of the necessary information needed for your flight at your fingertips, using native SimBrief integration. You can view your OFP, METARs, Flight maps, and ATIS information directly in the iniManager.
  • X-Plane 12 & Prepar3D compatibility: X-Plane 12 is now natively supported, along with Prepar3D (P3D products coming soon).
  • Numerous bugs fixes/improvements
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